Equestrian at the 2004 Summer Olympics

The XXVIII. 2004 Olympic Games in Athens six competitions were held in the riding. Venue was the Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre.

  • 2.1 Single
  • 2.2 team
  • 3.1 Individual
  • 3.2 team




The German dressage team won a total so that the eleventh gold at the Olympics. Ulla Salzgeber on "Rusty " achieved the best ever achieved in the Olympic Games Sheet at her ride with 78.208 %.

Show jumping


After Pessoa had submitted 4 error points in the jump-off for the silver medal, Kappler had to give up without errors after about half of the course, as his stallion Royal had represented caliber. Marco Kutscher missed the jump-off for the silver medal only by a time error of a few hundredths of a second.

Irishman Cian O'Connor, the gold medal was revoked for doping, which Marco Kutscher aufrückte in the medal ranks. The subsequently awarded medal was presented on October 21.


The German team won the third rider for itself the first competition already. The decision to place two fell only in the jump that the United States could decide on the basis of the better time for yourself.

But then came " Gold Fever", the horse of the German rider Ludger Beerbaum, on the doping test. Even the international Court of Arbitration for Sport Beerbaum believed to have proven the substance betamethasone only used to treat skin irritation in the horse. Also the FEI Judicial Committee accepted that the substance was applied from a medical indication out, and not to improve performance. Nevertheless, a banned substance had " Gold Fever" " in fact had in the body and was disqualified according to the rules. Beerbaum waived an objection.

The gold medal went so to the U.S. team. On the silver rank Sweden moved up. Germany's remaining three riders remained still gives a bronze medal, and this although the actual string results ( 1st round 5, 2.DL 8 points) now came in the standings.



Bettina Hoy was the gold medal stripped ( see below). She received 12 penalty points and fell 53.60 points back to ninth place. Hinrich Romeike was to " Marius " with 51,20 points, sixth, Andreas Dibowski on " Little Lemon " with 63,00 points landed in 14th place


The German team was short-term deprived of his gold medal after a protest in France and charged a penalty of 12 points due to timeout because the German rider Bettina Hoy final was a mistake at the beginning of the course. Thus, the team fell to fourth place in the overall standings from. Hoy crossed unintentionally during a short Einreitrunde the starting line. The time measurement during Hoy's winning ride but also put a faulty only after a second overriding of the starting line. According to this rule, but would have to happen after the first crossing.

Therefore, Germany was awarded the gold medal for the sake of sportiness again in its appeal against this judgment. The German circuit rider should have been displayed already at the first crossing the start line of the beginning of time measurement by the jury. Thus Hoy would have had the chance to finish the short lap faster and thus can remain in the allotted time of 90 seconds.

After another objection of the following nations France, the UK and the U.S., the decision was referred to the International Court of Sport. This ruled on 21 August that Germany are disallowed both medals again. The court justified the many sides heavily criticized decision by saying that the FEI arbitration, which the German team and Bettina Hoy the medal after the German opposition zusprach again, the decision of the Ground Jury of the World Federation would not be allowed to lift, as it is this was a factual decision.

On August 25, the World Equestrian Association FEI submitted a mercy petition the IOC to award the gold medal twice, but not formally evaluate the medals of the Germans. This clemency was rejected by the IOC on 27 August. Thus, the decision is final.

Medal Tally riding