Equitana is the largest horse fair in the world, which takes place every odd year in February or March in Essen in 17 exhibition halls with more than 90,000 sqm of exhibition space. It was founded in 1972 by Wolf Kröber. 2011 the number of visitors was about 203,000.

The fair offers horse breeders the opportunity to present their horses and sell during the fair. Service provider offering " around the horse " to present their products to a large audience. The fair takes place over nine days, each had a call motto. For example, there is a "Day of breed " and a " Training Day ", on which are based the demonstrations and competitions in the daily program at each of the issues of the day. How to introduce yourself on the "Day of the breed " a number of top stallions from the warmblood and pony breeding in a special gala evening and many prominent trainers and athletes such as Isabell Werth or Klaus Balkenhol give the " Training Day " insight into your training methods and concepts.

The exhibition also sets certain priorities on horse races. So was one of the focal points of the Fair 2011 Mangalarga on the Marchadores from Brazil and the rare Kinsky horses from the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, is part of the Equitana also the HOP TOP Show instead, one of the largest and highest-quality horse shows in the world. Stars of the horse show scene together with world famous athletes such as Cutting- Star Ute Holm and Vaulting World Champion Kai Foothill create together an evening gala supported by light and show effects, embedded in a frame story, which is redesigned for every edition of the show.

The last Equitana was held from 16 to 24 March, 2013, the next date is from 14 March to 22 March 2015.

A variation of this is the Equitana Open Air, held in even-numbered years, alternating with the Equitana. Germany's largest open-air exhibition of equestrian sport started in 1998 and is organized on the Neuss racetrack. 2008 the number of visitors had already reached 40,000 and rising, making this event the largest amateur sports festival of equestrian sport. A mix of sports, shopping, information and entertainment awaits the visitor.