Erebus (Greek Ἔρεβος of ἔρεβος "dark", Latinized Erebus ) In Greek mythology, the god and the personification of darkness. How Tartarus he was considered part of the underworld.


In Hesiod's Theogony, and also later in Hyginus Erebus emerges as one of the first gods of chaos. His siblings are Gaia, Tartarus, Eros and Nyx. In the cosmogony of the Orphic is Erebus descendant of Chronos and Ananke.

According to the Theogony went from the combination of Erebus and Nyx, Aether out the personalized air and the Hemera personalized day, Aristophanes mentions only Aether.

Cicero and Hyginus mentioned as descendants of Erebus and Nyx both gods and a number of personalized evil and human emotional states that emerged partly in older traditions of the Nyx without a father. Cicero called Cupid, Aether and Hemera and Dolus, Metus, laboratory, Invidentia ( Envy ), Fatum ( mischief ), Senectus, Mors, the Tenebrae, Miseria, cross- Ella, Gratia, Fraus, Obstinacia, the Fates, the Hesperides, and Somnia

Hyginus calls as descendants of Erebus and Nyx Fatum, Senectus, Mors, Letum, continentia, Somnus, Somnia, Cupid, Epiphron, Porphyrion, Epaphos, Discordia, Miseria, Petulantia, Nemesis, Euphrosyne, Amicitia, Misericordia, Styx and the Fates the Hesperides.