Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi (Arabic عرق الشبي, DMG ʿ irq aš - Sabbi ) is one of the two ergs in Morocco - large, shaped by wind dunes.


The nearest major town is Erfoud, about 40 km to the north; Rissani is slightly closer (about 35 km). Merzouga, the local tourist center, located on the edge of the dunes.


The dunes reach a height of 150 meters. In some places grow after rainfall dune grasses. The entire Erg has a Austreckung 22 kilometers in north-south direction and up to five kilometers in east-west direction. From Erfoud, Rissani or Merzouga from various small business owners offer camel rides in the dunes. Most are only short trips in the morning or evening hours, but also day trips or overnight stays are possible. Merzouga is no longer visible in all variants and thus arises in some moments the feeling of being completely immersed in a time-and silent wilderness.


There are different types of tourism in the dunes, the camel or walking holidays are ecologically halfway tolerable. In recent years, but also the dark side of ' dune tourism ' more to the fore: Motorcycles and rented quads you see more often - even if they are in other zones are usually traveling as the camel or hiking tourism. Moroccans use the heat of the summer sand dunes for healing or relief of rheumatic pain.