Erhard Keller

Erhard Keller ( born December 24, 1944 in Günzburg ) is a former speed skater and two-time Olympic champion. He was active until 1980.

From 1959 to 1965 Keller visited the Max - Planck -Gymnasium in Munich- Pasing, then the Karlsgymnasium in Bad Reichenhall, where he 1966 the Abitur. Then Keller studied medicine at the Ludwig- Maximilians- University of Munich, where he completed a doctorate on a topic of sports medicine.

In 1967, Keller presented the pre-existing world record of the Soviet Yevgeny Grishin runner over 500 meters with a time of 39.5 a seconds. A year later, Keller was able to improve that record in Inzell to 39.2 seconds.

In the same year he was over 500 meters in 40.3 seconds at the Olympic 1968 Olympic Winter Games in Grenoble. In 1971 he won in Inzell the Sprint World Cup, each consisting of two 500 -meter and 1000 -meter runs. At the Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo in 1972 he won again with a new Olympic record time ( 39.44 s ) of his special distance of 500 m gold. He then equalized in Inzell the 500 m world record with the Finnish Leo Linkovesi had now conquered with a time of 38.00 seconds. In addition, he set new world records over 1000 meters with 1:18,5 minutes and in the sprint.

The doctor of dentist was seen in the 1970s in some television shows, such as in game without limits as moderator. In the current gym and in the youth program technology for children, he acted as moderator. In the years 1976, 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1994 he was a co-commentator for ARD and ZDF at the speed skating competitions of the Olympic Winter Games.

Erhard Keller was inducted into the Hall of Fame of German sport 2011.