Eric Ineke

Eric Ineke Alexander ( born April 1, 1947 in Haarlem ) is a Dutch drummer of modern jazz.

Life and work

Ineke is mainly self-taught on the drums, but had a few hours with Jan de Gelder and John Engels. In 1965 he performed with Henny Vonk and Ferdinand Povel, then with Rein de Graaff, Rob Madna, Piet Noordijk, Pim and Ruud Jacobs, Wim Overgaauw and Frans Elsen. Between 1971 and 1989 he was a member of the Rein de Graaff / Thick Vennik Quartet and the bands of Rob Agerbeek. With the trio of de Graaff he accompanied soloists such as Dexter Gordon, Dizzy Gillespie, Johnny Griffin, George Coleman, Al Cohn, Carmell Jones and Lee Konitz in Europe and has performed at many international festivals. He also participated with Charles Loos and John Ruocco go and accompanied Jimmy Raney. Since 1984 he is part of the Dutch Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Jerry van Rooyen and John Ruocco. Since the early 1990s, he initially formed a trio with Wolfert Brederode, and Gulli Gudmundsson, from which the Wolfert Brederode / Eric Ineke Quintet developed. Since 1999 he also played in the band Nimbus. 2011 Ineke joined with his quintet at the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City with Deborah Brown on.

Ineke belongs to the faculty of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. In 2012 he published his book, The Ultimate Sideman. He can also be heard on albums by Barry Harris, Don Friedman, Ronnie Cuber, Dave Pike / Charles McPherson, Sam must or Ben Webster.

He is married with flutist Marjo Emmery.

Disco Graphical Notes

  • Flames'n'Fire, 2006 Daybreak / Challenge
  • For The Love Of Ivie - with Deborah Brown, 2007 Daybreak / Challenge
  • Xpressions In Time, 2008 Daybreak / Challenge
  • JazzXL, Blues, Ballads and Other Bright Moments, 2009 Daybreak / Challenge
  • Trinity, 1999 A-Records/Challenge
  • Pictures of You, 2001 A-Records/Challenge
  • Far Enough ( 1999)
  • Feat. David Liebman: Festina Lente (2001)