Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson ( born August 17, 1954 in Austin, Texas) is an American rock guitarist and singer.


Johnson's career began in 1968 with his band Mariani. Demos of their first recordings reach collector prices today. He appeared on numerous recordings as a studio guitarist, including Cat Stevens, Carole King and Christopher Cross. Early 70s he joined the jazz-rock band The Electro Magnet drummer Bill Maddox. His first solo album, Seven Worlds Johnson played one in 1978, it was not published until years later. His first release is the album Tones of 1986. In 1992 he won for his top 5 hit Cliffs Of Dover Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. In 1996, Johnson with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai on the G3 concert series part. In addition to guitar Johnson also plays the piano.


Eric Johnson is best known for his instrumental, guitar -driven music. His guitar sound is characterized by the use of numerous effects units and is easy violin -like. His playing is characterized by a perfect legato technique of the left hand. These is his so-called "bounce " technique that gives it a fuller sound and he explains in his instructional videos. In his solos, he often used pentatonic scale. His style is melodic and is characterized by singability many solos alternating with long, fast scale runs. About Johnson circulating on the anecdote that he could hear what type are the batteries in his effects units.


His main instruments are built to their specifications signature model Fender Stratocaster, which is based on his original 1957 Stratocaster and a Gibson ES- 335, which he plays on the Marshall amp and Fender amplifiers.