Eric Singer

Eric Singer ( born May 12, 1958 in Ohio as Eric Doyle Mensinger ) is an American drummer.

Singer is the drummer for the band KISS, where he remained as a successor to the late Eric Carr 1991-1996. After the comeback of the original line, the group started in 1996, he replaced Peter Criss in 2001 temporarily and permanently from 2004. He was also the drummer for Lita Ford (1984 ), Black Sabbath, Gary Moore and Badlands. He played for Brian May on his tour in 1998, and to 2003 and from 2005 for Alice Cooper. In addition, he has already played for Tobias Sammet's Avantasia project.

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Childhood and youth

Eric Singer is the son of John and Bess Mensinger. He had two brothers, John and Kurt; John died on 13 September 1994. Singers father was a band leader and played tenor saxophone, later he appeared as a solo entertainer at weddings and celebrations. Bess Singer was musical singer, her son often played in the summer holidays as part of the orchestras.

Eric Singer began playing drums at age eleven. When he was thirteen, he was in the big band of his father, Johnny Singer, playing. Originally it had not fallen, since his father was a very disciplined musician. After Eric Singer had first taught to play the drums himself, he now began to take lessons from Buddy Kummil.

Participation in the big band was a major influence for Singer. He developed a strong work ethic, after he found that his father had a fixed idea of ​​how the song should sound, which interpreted the band. When his son was not able to fulfill the expectations, John Singer played him what he wanted to hear - Eric Singer for an embarrassing situation because the other musicians in the band heard the reproach of his father. Finally, Eric has developed such a strong discipline in the game that his father only wanted to work with him. On the one hand he liked the one on the other side so he missed in his youth some things that experienced the other students of his school on the weekends.

Singer worked the mid-1970s at King Musical Instruments, a factory which produced saxophones and other instruments, and later also in the parts bearing a Ford dealer.

Musical career

Pop Opera / Beau Coup

Together with singer Tommy Amato and guitarist Mike McGuill Singer founded the trio Pop Opera. The band recorded some demos before with David Lewin reinforced on keyboards and Bill March on bass. Shortly thereafter, the group in Beau Coup is renamed. The band had some success in Cleveland and even got a record deal.

1982 Singer finished the work for his father at the same time he increased his workload samples and practiced several hours a day. Singer took lessons again, this time at Casey Scheuerell. In 1983, he moved to Los Angeles.

Lita Ford

In Los Angeles Singer played first as a drummer for the band Icebreaker. During this time he competed in a run by Carmine Appice Drum Competition, the Carmine Appice Drum Off. Following his participation he was offered a contract to a video recording for the series Playboy's Women in Rock, and during the filming, he learned that Randy Castillo, the former drummer for Lita Ford, her band wanted to leave.

Singer practiced Ford's songs along with Ray Marzano, and Randy Castillo recommended him for an audition. Singer got the job and became a member of the band. He played with Ford in the opening act of the U.S. tour of Ratt and should also participate in the recording of their album Dancin ' on the Edge, but Ford took Randy Castillo back. She was together at this time with Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, who planned to record a solo album. He asked Singer if he would help with the recordings of the demos later, he asked him the album, Seventh Star, to take with him.

Black Sabbath

After the recordings, the singer made ​​with the Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes singer, Iommi decided that the disk should appear as a Sabbath album. The band went on tour, which ended in June 1986, and then went to work for the follow-up album, The Eternal Idol. After the recordings Singer ended his involvement in Black Sabbath, to work with Gary Moore.

With Moore Singer denied the Wild Frontier Tour, then he worked as a session musician for the group Drive, with whom he recorded the album character in Time. Then Singer worked with Ian Astbury of The Cult of demo recordings for the album Sonic Temple.


In the spring of 1988, Jake E. Lee and Ray Gillen founded along with Singer and Greg Chaisson, the band Badlands. The recording their debut album included the group in mid-1989 from, and there Singers tracks were completed early, he applied as a drummer for the solo tour of Kiss guitarist and vocalist Paul Stanley and accompanied him on the tour.

The debut album of his own band, was released on May 11, 1989, reaching number 57 on the Billboard 200 Despite the success Singer was thrown after the subsequent tour of the band, after he had had a disagreement with the other members.

Alice Cooper

Singer was then the drummer for Alice Cooper and rose after the European tour on 23 February 1990 in the band. He can be seen in the video for Only My Heart Talkin. Since then, Singer has always worked with Cooper, most recently as a session musician for the album The Eyes of Alice Cooper ( 2003)


Singer took the title in 1991 with Kiss God Gave Rock ' n ' Roll to You II, as their drummer, Eric Carr, conditionally could not play due to a cancer. When it became clear that Carr would probably not return to the band, the group took with singer on the album Revenge. Singer was after Carr's death an official member of the band, with which he then but could only record another studio album, Carnival of Souls, which was not published until 1997. 1996 the group decided to make a comeback attempt with the founding members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, who was initially successful. Criss left the band in 2001 and was replaced by Singer, which now includes the makeup of the " Catman " wore. Criss came back again in 2003 and was finally replaced by a further separation in 2004 by Singer, who is a member of the group to this day. In 2009 he published with the band, the studio album Sonic Boom, 2011, he worked with her in the planned 2012 album Monster.


Black Sabbath

  • Seventh Star (1986 )
  • The Eternal Idol ( 1987)


  • Character in Time (1988 )


  • Badlands (1989 )

Bill Ward

  • Ward One Along the Way (1990 )


  • God Gave Rock ' n' Roll to You II (1991 )
  • Revenge ( 1992)
  • Kiss Unplugged (1995 )
  • Carnival of Souls (1997)
  • Sonic Boom ( 2009)
  • Monster ( 2012)