Eric V, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg

Erich V. († end of 1435 ) was from 1411 to 1435 Duke of Saxe- Lauenburg from the family of Ascanians.


Erich was the eldest son of the Duke Erich IV and Sophia, a daughter of Duke Magnus of Brunswick. Even his father's lifetime, the. Seizure by the country of Saxony- Lauenburg line to Mölln and mountain village after the death of Erich III 1401 the whole Duchy of Saxe -Lauenburg rejoined, he took many part in government affairs and was notably through his efforts to get the by Albrecht V. once pledged Mölln- Bergedorf share back into his hand, with the lien holders to the neighboring Hanseatic cities, , involved mainly with Lübeck in some Handel, which, although repeatedly settled by the mediation of neighboring and friend of the Prince, but the first part of his reign almost exclusively fulfilled. The Lübeck accused him also that he favored the robberies on the highways, in spite of the protection money of 300 marks a year, which they paid him for securing the same. The Duke procured even in 1418 when the Emperor Sigismund the imperial ban against Lübeck. 1420, however, managed to Lübeck together with Hamburg, Bergedorf recapture what was written on August 24, 1420 in the Treaty of pearl mountain.

Since the year 1422 occupied him primarily the efforts to establish the succession in the Saxony- witten Bergisch land and in the associated Elector. This cure had been to Wittenberg and Lauenburg until Charles IV after some hesitation the dukes of Saxe- Wittenberg zusprach since the death of Duke John I. 1285 an object of strife between the two lines of Askanische Dukes of Saxony. And when in 1422 this line with Albrecht III. became extinct in the male line, Erich V. not only believed the claims of his house on the vacant Duchy of Wittenberg, but also to the cure to be able to make valid with success. Sole emperor Sigismund had already granted the Warlike Frederick, Margrave of Meissen, from the Wettin house, the reversion of Wittenberg and the Saxon cure, and this gained despite Eric's protestations on August 1, 1425 by the Emperor the formal investiture and confirmation with all of the cure and the Duchy of Saxony belonging rights and freedoms. In vain were Eric V. continuing efforts to make this investiture in favor of his house back. He was accused, whether rightly, may be an open question, even to have forged a Lehnbrief allegedly given to him by Sigismund in 1414 to achieve its purpose. His complaints to Pope Martin V and finally the Council of Basel because of denied justice were unsuccessful, although the Basle fathers really appointed a commission to investigate the Wittenberg dispute. The Emperor here to put custody, and before the matter, which was then referred back to the Emperor, came to a new trial, died Erich V. 1436th He left the reputation of a warlike, restless, for the interests of Ascanians eagerly sought princes.


( † May 28, 1416 * 1384 ) married Erich V. was since 1404 with Elisabeth von Holstein. She was the daughter of Nicholas, Count of Holstein (1334-1397) and widow of Albrecht IV ( 1363-1388 ). The couple had no heirs. A second closed before 1422 marriage to the also Elisabeth heart of the charming daughter of Conrad of Weinsberg came from the son Henry, who in 1437 but still died as a child. Erich's successor as Duke was therefore his brother, Bernhard II