Eric Weber

Eric Weber ( * June 24, 1963, entitled home in Jens ) is a Swiss journalist and politician (VA). He is a member of the Grand Council of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.


Youngest Grand Council of Switzerland

Eric Weber is a son of the travel entrepreneur and politician Rudolf Weber. By his own account, he completed an apprenticeship as a travel agent and as an intern at Oltner day sheet.

His father was four years Basel cantonal parliament and briefly Central President of the National Action against alienation of people and homeland (NA). Eric Weber also was a member of the NA. In 1984 he was chosen as the time the youngest Canton parliamentarians in the Grand Council of the Canton of Basel-Stadt; In 1988, he was confirmed. Part, he ran on a separate list with the title People's Action against too many foreigners and asylum seekers in our home (VA). On March 19, 1987, he was expelled after an insult to the President of the Council without a dissenting vote from the council chamber. On January 29, 1988 Eric Weber requested in the Federal Republic of Germany for political asylum. On November 10, 1988 granted him the Grand Council meeting a ban until the end of the year. 1992 re-election was only possible due to the introduction of the five - percent hurdle.

As a result of manipulations leading up to the Grand Conseil election in 1988 Weber was convicted of forgery and declared five years incapacitation.

In the " emigration "

He then settled in Hof an der Saale in Germany and set up a private press office. According to the company Weber worked for twelve years at the Free Press in Chemnitz, Dresden and the Saxon newspaper in image. According to an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung he had never worked with image, but rather for right item leaves like nation and Europe ( NE) and the time written.

Back in Basel: Nominations, trouble with the law and re- elected to the Grand Council

2002 Weber returned to Basel. Due to its policy statements and his attempts on the lists of the Swiss Democrats ( SD) and the Swiss People's Party ( SVP) to stand, he was the laughing stock of free newspapers. He tried, according to the WoZ also to stand on the list of Swiss Party of Nationally Oriented ( PNOS ). The Swiss Parliament elections in 2003, he ran with his father and two young women (one of which died before the elections ) on a separate list for the National Council, but was not elected. In the Grand Council elections in 2004, he ran with the Swiss Democrats on a common list. According to its own statement that he hoped to around 8 to 10 percent of the vote. In fact, the list received only 3.2 percent of the vote. In March 2006, he ran unsuccessfully for an election to replace the retiring Government Jörg Schild. Also ran at the National Council and Council elections in 2007 and the 2011 National Council elections Weber.

According to a report in the Basler Zeitung on 7 October 2004 Weber should have tried before the Grand Council elections to buy votes. It was therefore launched an investigation of electoral fraud against him again of the Basel prosecutor's office. Weber tried to counter with a counter notification in the Basler Zeitung, the impression was rejected by the editors and later also from the Swiss Press Council. The sheet had the prosecutor with " Weber has been guilty of election fraud " quotes, of which the prosecutor himself distanced because he was not the judge. Weber demanded the rectification, when he saw violates the presumption of innocence. The Press Council is evaluated but only as a blur, which would clearly be made ​​clear by the context that the allegation be still be checked by the adjudicating court. He pointed Weber's complaint as unfounded, however, the newspaper warned future to a voluntary correction. Weber himself felt the matter as ' swine - journalism ". In March 2008, Weber was finally to a fine of 180 daily units to 30 francs, due to three years, convicted.

In the general elections in Basel-Stadt in 2012, he was again elected to the Grand Council. During the election campaign, Eric Weber was arrested twice on suspicion of election fraud. On election day, Weber announced, inter alia, he would " paralyze the Parliament ."

On June 26, 2013 Weber announced a further alleged resignation. In addition, he wanted to move his family to Abu Dhabi.


Eric Weber is married and has two daughters (* 1998, * 2006).