Erich Burgener

Erich Burgener (* February 15, 1951 in Raron, Valais Canton ) is a retired Swiss football goalkeeper, who now works as a goalkeeping coach.

Playing career

Erich Burgener learned, even before he started playing football in the construction business of his father, a crafting profession. Neither in his school, still in his spare time, he had never given a thought to the football. He had more fun skiing or guarded the Eishockeytor. It was not until the age of 16 he ventured into irregular Football goal. A year later he rose with his club FC Raron on in the first amateur class. Quick the Canton neighboring FC Sion from the National League was aware of the young Burgener. But they had beaten the Swiss goalkeeper legend Frank SECHEHAYE. He succeeded quickly to convince as a mediator of the club Lausanne Sports father Burgener and FC Raron of a change.

After more than three years at FC Reron Burgener joined in 1970 for a transfer fee of CHF 50,000 so the club Lausanne Sports. However, the then 19 -year-old took some time to settle in and was thus for two years as an amateur only second choice behind the Swiss giants. But in his first game of his team succeeded equal to a sensational 5-2 victory against Grasshopper- Club Zurich from. With a similarly furious victory his career in the national team started on 22 June 1973. At this 1-0 victory over Scotland in Bern Burgener said to have played a large part. One of his other big games he made in 1977, when he was able to keep his goal in London's Wembley Stadium clean and his team thus hijacked a point from this legendary stadium.

A year later, he excelled in the UEFA Cup against Ajax Amsterdam and remained undefeated. Even when he had signed in Lausanne half professional contract, he saw his future not in football. Between games with the club and the national team, he had his master's examination with flying colors and named as a target, once to take over the family business in Raron. Another feature of the left-hander was that he was quite capable footballing terms to play in the field. This is what happened at the Derby against Servette Geneva. Burgener was used as a center forward and was even able to score a goal for the 2-1 lead, but his representative conceded six goals in the gate, so that this experiment by coach Miroslav Blažević who wanted to end the striker misery, was not repeated.

After the Cup victory in 1981, he moved to Geneva Servette and won with this club again in 1984 the Cup and 1985 national champion.

Coaching career

Burgener was since 2000 goalkeeper coach of the Swiss national team. In July 2008, he was replaced by Willi Weber.


  • Swiss champion: 1985.
  • Swiss Cup Winners: 1981, 1984.


" Erich Burgener is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. The team whose gate he guards, plays with an additional Libero. The lightning-fast detecting the situation in opposing steep templates is one of his strengths. At high edge or corner kicks the balls 1.84 large Valais is not anyway to deal with. Also flat shots cause him not too much difficulty. Just before long shots, he confesses, he has worry if they put on just before him. "

" But today, Erich is a perfect goalie who may be worthy classified in the Swiss tradition of great goalkeepers. "