Erichthonius of Dardania

Erichthonios (Greek Ἐριχθόνιος ) is a figure in Greek mythology. He was the son of Dardanus, king of Dardania, and the Bateia, ( although other legends say that his mother was Olizone ).

Erichthonius became king of Dardania, as his elder brother Ilus died childless. He was considered one of the richest of all mortals, Homer called him "the richest man on earth " because he inherited both kingdoms from his father and from his mother's father. Erichthonios ' wealth came from his horse, which was said to be miraculous. At his country pastured 3000 mares with their young foals, of such ease and rapidity that they were called children of the north wind, Boreas. With Erichthonios mares Boreas begot twelve fabled wind speed foal.

Together with Astyoche, daughter of Simois (or Callirhoe, daughter of Scamander ) he had a son Tros, of which the people ( or Teucri Dardanians ) was named the Troad the name Trojans ( Trojans) and the countryside.