Erick Dampier

Erick Dampier (* July 14, 1975 in New Hebron, Mississippi ) is an American professional basketball player.

Dampier was taken in the 1996 Draft at position ten of the Indiana Pacers. After a season in which he made 72 games, he was traded in exchange for Chris Mullin to the Golden State Warriors. There he played in the next seven years, mostly from the beginning, but never made the move into the playoffs. In 2004 he joined as a free agent with the Dallas Mavericks, where he made 56 games in the first year from the start. In the second season he struggled with DeSagana Diop for a place in the starting line-up and sat down by the end. In his career, Dampier has an average of 7.9 points and 7.5 rebounds per game. 2006 managed the Mavs it to the finals, where they were subject to the Miami Heat 4-2. In 2010 he was traded to the Charlotte Bobcats. Since the Bobcats wanted to prevent exceeding the luxury tax threshold, Dampier, whose contract was not fully guaranteed over $ 13 million, was dismissed. A few weeks after start of the season 2010/11 he signed a contract with the Miami Heat, with whom he in his career reached the Finals for the second time since 2006. The Heat defeated by the Mavericks 4-2. Dampier's contract was not renewed after the season. On February 9, he signed a 10 -day contract with the Atlanta Hawks. In his first outing against the Orlando Magic, he took two rebounds in just under two minutes of operating time. After a further 10 days contract he was taken for the remainder of the season under contract. He is currently a free agent contract -free.