Erik Fredriksson

Erik Fredriksson ( born February 13, 1943 in Tidaholm, Sweden ) is a former Swedish football referee. He participated in five tournaments finals at World and European Championships.


After Fredriksson was first active at the national level, he moved in 1975 in the international area. In the 1980s, he was one of the top executives at the European level, which is reflected in the participation in several international tournaments and major competitions. At the World Cup 1982 he was among the 22 referees who sent the UEFA, and whistled the first round match between Yugoslavia and Northern Ireland.

In 1984, Fredriksson given the honor to lead the final of the European Champions Cup in 1983/84. The game between the Italian representative AS Rome and the English club Liverpool FC ended in a draw after extra time, before the club from Merseyside prevailed on penalties. Even in the subsequent European Championship 1984, he was represented, once again stood with the preliminary round match Belgium and Yugoslavia only a game to book. In this game, he overlooked the 2-0 success of the Belgians a the gate prior offside position.

Also at the World Championships 1986 he was transferred to a special game: On May 31 of that year he was at the opening match of the tournament between the reigning world champions Italy and Bulgaria in addition to the teams on the court. This time he came to a second tournament use when he whistled the competitive 4-3 win after extra time in the second round of the Belgians against the Soviet team. After he had again passed at the 1988 European Championship, a game, he launched in February 1989, the second leg of the UEFA Super Cup 1988 between KV Mechelen and PSV Eindhoven and in December of the same year the game at the World Cup 1989 between AC Milan and Atlético Nacional Medellin.

In the 1990 World Cup Fredriksson came in the group match between the reigning world champions Argentina and the Soviet Union again in the criticism. 2-0 success of the South Americans he overlooked a handheld game Diego Maradona in his own penalty area, so that the East Europeans protested following the defeat that meant an early departure, against the referee and his performance. In 1991 he finished his referee career.