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Erkan Aki ( born June 20, 1969 in Sursee ) is a Swiss tenor of Turkish descent who sings between pop music and classical music. The classically trained musician sings in seven languages.


Erkan Aki's way to one of the best tenors began 17 years. After a performance of Johann Strauss ' Die Fledermaus " at the Zurich Opera House, he decided to study classical singing. According to information from the radiance of this Gesamtkunstwerk moved him from sustainably sophisticated operetta and architectural splendor.

Until that time, his love for music was the more modern sounds of the Eurythmics frontwoman Annie Lennox to whose voice has left a great impression on Erkan Aki. Especially artists who have created their own style, admired Erkan Aki, this he counts musicians such as Fritz Wunderlich, but also Queen singer Freddie Mercury.

During his singing studies at the Swiss tenor and music teacher Paul Späni he specialized in the song specialist and completed in parallel with the voice lessons in the years 1986 to 1989, a business education, which he completed successfully. After the death of his singing teacher in 1993 Aki took in Istanbul three years music theory lessons. After his return, he confided to the music professor Jane Thorner Mengedoht at the Zurich Musikhochschule. It serves him to this day and also taught artists such as Barbara Meszaros, Bettina Schneebeli or Ruben Drole. With Atilla Sereftug, the composer of the winning song at the Grand Prix d' Euro Vision 1988. " Ne pas sans moi partez " by Céline Dion, Erkan Aki made ​​a studio recording. This came by chance to the concert promoter and artist manager David Dear mountain. He helped by Aki to his first recording contract, and Aki took his first album "Here 's to the Heroes", with producer Nigel Wright. The album rose high in the German charts.

In November 2012 Erkan Aki starts making a big comeback with his album "True Love". Under new management and a new record label MOKOH Music that anknüpft promising also with the participation of the producer Jan- Eric Kohrs to the quality of the first Sony Music albums, this CD contains a re-recording of his first big hits "Here 's to the Heroes " a service which is " dances with Wolves " borrows from the soundtrack of the hit film and continues to be a tribute to his idol Freddie Mercury with a revision of the Show must Go On (Queen song)


Erkan Aki came on June 20, 1969 in the Swiss community Sursee to the world. His parents, mother and father Ahmet Remziye, emigrated in the late 1960s from Turkey in the canton of Lucerne. Erkan and his two older brothers, Aykut and Harun, who died in an accident in 1994, grew up under the influence of two different cultures that shape him to this day and motivate him to actively engage with the integration processes. So he received for his work in intercultural projects in 2002, the German -Turkish Friendship Award. The Swiss Turkish origin lived up to his age of 11 near his birthplace, in the tourist town of Willisau, which is known for its international jazz festival today. 1980 the family moved to Neftenbach at Winterthur, where his parents opened a coffee house. Later Erkan Aki moved to Zurich. In 1998 he experienced, after the early death of his brother Harun, the second major blow: Only four years after his brother and his father Ahmet died at the age of 62 years.

In the subsequent period Erkan Aki met his current wife, Anna Steiner know about the common music teacher Jane Thorner Mengedoht. 2010 were both a son.

Erkan Aki is also involved in social activities, including for the José Carreras Foundation and UNICEF.


For his work in intercultural projects of artists in 2002 was awarded the German -Turkish Friendship Award.


Erkan Aki came New Year's Eve 1999 at the Brandenburg Gate on and sang the millennium, his hit song " Here 's to the Heroes " With the follow-up album of "Here 's to the Heroes ", " Pop Classics " he continues his trend continues impressive and first mention the international press of him as "The Tenor Voice of Popular Classic". Especially the close relationship and the great recognition in Germany and German-speaking countries, were reasons for him to record his next album on " time of great feelings " in German language. With Xavier Naidoo and Patricia Kaas sang for this album several title as the classic Karat " About seven bridges you have to go ." The song "Under the Skin " by Patricia Kaas was added to a Franco-German version and is the title track of the high-profile television drama "Storm time ". On his fourth studio album "Songs for Lovers" Montserrat Marti seemed to me, the daughter of Montserrat Caballé. The fifth album "Music in my Heart" Erkan Aki interpreted international hits such as "The Power of Love" and " Time to Say Goodbye". Two more albums followed: " In Love for Europe", on which he sings in seven languages ​​, and the Christmas album " Romantic Christmas". In an appearance in 2008 in the sold-out arena Xanten, he sang with Montserrat Caballé not only with Pop-Classic Hits, but also arias. The result was joint concert tour with Sarah Brightman, 2009 through South and Central America and in 2010 by Japan, Korea and Canada. In the meantime, he worked on a best-of album, "Only the Hits" was released in 2009 with the title on the market. Recalling also its legendary appearance at the place of peace and longevity, within Beijing's Forbidden City will be. As the first artist ever he came there in a gala ceremony in September 2010.

Discography - CD and DVD

Previously published albums:

  • 2012 " True Love"
  • 2009 "Only the Hits"
  • 2008 " In Love for Europe"
  • 2008 " Romantic Christmas"
  • 2005 "Music in My Heart"
  • 2002 "Songs for Lovers"
  • 2001 " period of great feelings "
  • 2000 " Pop Classics "
  • 1999 " Here's to the Heroes "
  • DVD Great voices, great songs "
  • DVD The gala night of the German Tenors "


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