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Erkheim is a market in the Swabian district Unterallgaeu and office of the Management Community Erkheim.

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Erkheim located 15 km east of Memmingen and marked on the line Memmingen - Erkheim - Bad Wörishofen the northern boundary of the Allgäu.

Expansion of the municipal area

To market Erkheim include the places Erkheim, Arlesried, Dankelsried, Daxberg, Erlenberg, Hauggenhöfe, Erkheim, Kreiswang, Lerchenberg, Moss Mill, Schlegelsberg and Trinkenloh.


Erkheim was first mentioned in 764. The first detailed mention was the place 1176th Until the Empire in 1803 the rule Erkheim was fragmented. Approximately three-quarters of the ground belonged to the imperial abbey Ottobeuren, a quarter as well as the district Dankelsried the city of Memmingen, more precisely of the Hospital Foundation. Since the Imperial Diet of 1803 the place belonged to Bavaria. After the Second World War, the village belonged to the district of Memmingen. In the reorganization of the place came on 1 July 1972 Mindelheim district, which was officially renamed in Unterallgäu on 1 May 1973.


On 1 July 1972, the formerly independent communities Arlesried and Daxberg were incorporated. On May 1, 1978, added Schlegelsberg.

Population Development



  • To 1990: Karl Kusterer ( Christian constituency association )
  • 1990-2002: Ignaz Heinle (CSU, Christian constituency association )
  • 2002-2008: Konrad Engel (independent, proposed by: Independent list)
  • 2008-2014: Peter Aquarius (CSU, Christian constituency association )
  • Since 2014: Christian Seeberger (CSU, Christian constituency association )

The municipal tax revenue amounted to the equivalent of 1,970 K € in 1999, which amounted to the trade tax revenues ( net) converted € 866 thousand.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 17 September 1990 by decision of the Government of Swabia.

Blazon: "A hochgiebeliges house with turrets at the four corners and on the ridge. "

The market Erkheim has one of the few so-called " image seal", which also authentic the former, located in the center of Erkheim, castle of the Abbey Ottobeuren reflects how it show contemporary representations already in 1690. Another special feature is to see that was set by awarding on April 27 1875 by the Bavarian State Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Royal House Seal image without blazon. But probably some time after the sealing ceremony was by the market Erkheim a derived from the image vivid emblem seal out the ranks as a historic coat of arms.

The artistic redesign of the arms took over the Passau Max Reinhart.


The flag was approved on 18 March 1991 by decision of the Government of Swabia.

The flag is white - red striped with applied coat of arms.


Erkheim maintains since 1999 a partnership with the municipality of Saint -Hilaire -Saint -Mesmin in the Loiret in France. Longer about a lot, there is a community partnership with the community Sins in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland.

Partnerships, associations

The volunteer fire department Daxberg in the Lower Allgäu maintains a now existing since the 1990 partnership with the volunteer fire department Daxberg from Lower Franconia. The band market Erkheim maintains friendly relations with the Music Society Sins / Aargau in Switzerland and the Société musicale from St. Hilaire - St. Mesmin in France.

Culture and sights

  • Catholic Church of the Assumption
  • Evangelical Peter and Paul Church

In 1996, the Baufritz on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the largest wooden head of Germany right next to the A 96 The four-story building is now used as an office building.


Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

There were 1998 in the field of Agriculture and Forestry 43, 487 in manufacturing and in trade and transport 100 persons work at the workplace. In other areas, were employed to social security at the workplace 136 people. Social insurance contributions at residence, there were a total of 1,020. In the manufacturing sector, there were 18, in the construction of ten companies. In addition, in 1999, there were 82 farms with an agricultural area of 1,790 ha, of which 474 ha of arable land and 1,316 ha of permanent grassland.

Locals firms

The economy of the market Erkheim is being medium sized. The Baufritz is the largest employer. At the motorway junction Erkheim in the south of the market town a commercial area with the expansion of the A96 has emerged.


Erkheim lies on the A 96 motorway Munich - Memmingen - Lindau - Switzerland with its own motorway exit. Through the town into north -south county road MN 13, at the southern edge runs the B18.


In Erkheim a kindergarten with 150 kindergarten places, a company daycare center the Baufritz and an elementary school there. Secondary schools exist in the nearby towns of Memmingen, Ottobeuren and Mindelheim.


The historic affiliation with the former district Memmingen clarified today by the circulation area of ​​the newspaper Memminger which ends in Erkheim, whereas 3 km is more widespread in Kammlach, opposite the Kohlberg, the Mindelheimer newspaper.


In the West Erkheims is the sports center of the TV Erkheim with tennis courts, ice rink and several football pitches. The main square has a grandstand with a capacity of 400 people. The first football team of the TV Erkheim plays since the 2011/12 season in the district league Swabia south.


Richard KH Burkart, born 1950 in Memmingen / Bavaria grew up in the Memminger Straße 7 in Erkheim and lived there until his removal to Berlin. He has published works in numerous libraries and museums. His studio is located in Berlin Kreuzberg.