Ermengol of Rouergue

Armengol or Ermengaud († after July 935 ) out of the house Toulouse was a son of Odo, Count of Toulouse and Gersende. His father gave him 906 the county of Rouergue and Quercy, where he reigned until his death. His brother was Count Raymond II of Toulouse, together he reigned with the extensive estates of the family in the first half of the 10th century.

In a deed of gift from the year 930 in favor of the Abbey Vabres he bore the title of comes ( count ), in a similar certificate two years later he dubbed princeps (prince ), based on Gothia, a title that in his family in the 10th century was out.

Armengol and his wife Adelaida had at least two sons and two daughters, where records indicate that he had next to his two heirs still more sons. The eldest son was Raimund I, who inherited Rouergue, the second Hugo was awarded the Quercy. His daughter married Richilde Suniario, Count of Barcelona, ​​his daughter Adelais his brother Sunifred II Count of Urgell