Ernest Cady

Ernest Cady ( born September 6, 1842 in Stafford, Connecticut, † February 16, 1908 in Hartford, Connecticut ) was an American politician. Between 1893 and 1895 he was Deputy Governor of the State of Connecticut.


About the youth and education of Ernest Cady nothing is handed down. During the Civil War he served in the United States Navy. He participated in the Battle of Mobile Bay. After the war he returned first to Stafford. Soon after, he moved to Hartford, where he became a well-known entrepreneur. Politically, he joined the Democratic Party.

1892 Cady was elected to the side of Luzon B. Morris Vice Governor of the State of Connecticut. This post he held 1893-1895. Yet he was Deputy Governor and Chairman of the State Senate. Cady was also, among others, director of National Machine Co. and curator of the organization Society for Savings. He died on February 16, 1908 of heart failure while he took a bath.