Ernest Friedrich Gilg

Ernst Friedrich Gilg ( born January 12, 1867 in Obereggenen to Schliengen, Baden, † October 11, 1933 in Berlin) was a German botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Gilg ".

Life and work

Gilg was curator at the Botanical Museum Berlin. Along with Adolf Engler, he was editor of the 9th and 10th edition of the Syllabus of Plant Families ( 1921). For the plant The plant kingdom Engler he wrote with J. Perkins chapter " Monimiaceae ". For the plant, the natural plant families of Engler and Prantl Carl he edited numerous plant families.

He was the genus Gilgiochloa Pilg honor. the plant family of grasses ( Poaceae ) named.

Works (selection)

  • Textbook of Pharmacognosy: 344 Figure Springer, Berlin 1905 ( digitized ).
  • Pharmaceutical Silo, 4th Edition 1911
  • Broad Botany for pharmacists, 6th Edition 1921
  • Textbook of Pharmacognosy, 3rd edition 1922 1st edition - Berlin: Springer, 1905
  • 2nd edition - Berlin: Springer, 1910 Digitized edition of the University and State Library Dusseldorf.


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