Ernest Johann Nepomuk

Ernest Johann Nepomuk von Herber Stone ( born April 20, 1731 in Vienna, † March 17, 1788 in Linz ) was an Austrian Roman Catholic priest and the first bishop of Linz.


Ernest Johann Nepomuk was born as the son of state officials Ferdinand Leopold Herbersteins from the Eastern Styrian noble family Herbersteins and his wife Mary Anne of Ulm- Erbach. Already in 1746 he became the canon of Freising. He studied philosophy at the University of Vienna and Catholic theology in Rome. 1752 was his doctorate. On March 3, 1754 he was ordained priest.

In 1755 he received a canonry in Passau. On March 8, 1767, he was ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Freising, his titular was Eucarpia. Maria Theresa beat him before 1776 as Vicar General of the Diocese of Passau for Lower Austria. He took office on September 12. He did so very conscientiously and first met the ecclesiastical policy of Joseph II rules exactly.

After the death of the bishop Leopold Ernst von Firmian on March 13, 1783, Emperor Joseph II began with the reorganization of dioceses in Austria. For Upper Austria, which previously belonged to the diocese of Passau, he created the new Diocese of Linz and appointed Herbersteins on 15 March for the diocesan bishop. On July 4, 1784, new Bishop of Passau, Joseph Franz Anton von Auersperg renounced the diocesan area in Austria. On January 28, 1785, Pope Pius VI. officially the new diocese and on 1 May Herbersteins was introduced as a bishop in his office.

In the following years he came to the church policy Joseph II often in conflict. To introduce the Josephine order of service he held from 27 to 28 November 1787 a diocesan synod.

He was buried after his death in the Old Cathedral of Linz.