Ernestine von Kirchsberg

Ernestine von Kirch Berg ( born August 12, 1857 in Verona, † October 8, 1924 in Graz) was an Austrian landscape painter.

Ernestine von Kirch Berg was born on August 12, 1857 in Verona. In Graz, she attended from 1873 the scenic character Academy under Baron Hermann von Brunn king and studied from 1881 at the Vienna Academy with Eduard Peithner of Lichtenfels, August Schaeffer and Hugo Darnaut.

Especially by Hugo Darnaut, one of the most important representatives of the Viennese tuning Impressionism, she received her crucial training that gave the decisive impulse to the development of their personal style. In Vienna, she made ​​friends with Marie Egner and Alfred Zoff, which they followed to Munich later. In Munich, she continued her education at the Zimmermann- student Adalbert Scales (1833-1898) and Alfred Zoff. In addition to the oil paintings they preferred the watercolor in which she managed to masterfully and with which it was first announced. 1881 presented at the Vienna Künstlerhaus from the first time. Many of her watercolors and oil paintings have been acquired by museums and private collectors as far back as the artist.

1893 painting was awarded at the World's Fair in Chicago. As a result, their works were shown in numerous exhibitions in Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Prague, Graz, where she took on the Adriatic Sea, in the Lower Styria, Carniola and according to South Tyrol, inter alia, study trips. Ernestine von Kirchsberg died on 8 October 1924. Their grave is located at the St. Leonhard Cemetery in Graz.