Ernesto Hoost

Ernesto Hoost Frits ( born July 11, 1965) is a former Dutch K1 fighter. His nickname was Mr. Perfect. He is 189 cm tall and weighs 108 kg.

K- 1 career

Ernesto Hoost made ​​his K- 1 debut in the first K -1 World GP Final tournament on April 3, 1993 against his Dutch compatriot Peter Aerts, whom he defeated unanimously in three rounds. Then he could knock out in the third round in the semi - finals Maurice Smith what his first him - gave World Grand Prix finals - a total of five. The battle, however, he lost in the first round against the Croats Branko Cikatic, the Hoost by a hard punch knockout (KO ) beat. 1993 Hoost won win a title, he secured namely the K-2 titles, he could reach by three victories.

Hoost had laid the foundation for a successful K- 1 career, which he much later - in 2002 - was able to crown even by his fourth World Grand Prix triumph, because with four titles he holds to date the record.

After his first K-1 Final 1993, he was among other seven fights prematurely by ko terminate until Peter Aerts stopped him in the World Grand Prix Final 1995 tournament in the semifinals; the fight was in the extra round by decision on points of Aerts, thus the revenge was successful. After this defeat, Hoost was in 1995 and 1996, for example, well-known fighters like Andy Hug and Mirko " Cro Cop " Filipovic defeat; Filipovic he could even knock out in the third round. That was in the quarterfinals of the K -1 World GP Final tournament in 1996, which again ended for Hoost in the semi finals, because it could overcome the extra round by a point win him Andy Hug.

1997 but struck his final hour, when he was able to defeat the strong Jérome Le Banner, Francisco Filho and in the final Andy Hug; Le Banner he knocked out after just 75 seconds into the first round. The victory over Hug earned him his first K -1 World Grand Prix title, however, he lost again the following year in the quarterfinals, he lost his battle against Sam Greco or the towel was thrown. One of the bitterest hours in the career of Ernesto Hoost, but it made ​​an impressive return in Year:

In the K -1 World GP Final tournament in 1999, he finally turned on the Swiss Andy Hug, Jerome Le Banner and the French, then in the final of Mirko Filipovic. Le Banner in the second round he knocked out, Filipovic in the third round and thus secured his second World Grand Prix success within three years.

The following year, he could even defend his title when he could again Filipovic, Filho and in the final Ray Sefo on points defeat - Hoosts third string within four years. From 10 December 2000 ( Quarter-finals Filipovic ) until August 17, 2002, he was able to celebrate its longest winning streak when he won eleven fights in a row; including even were four knockouts.

Only the Dutch ' Hightower ' Semmy Schilt stopped him, even though the fight ended in a draw. In 2002 he had to - now 37 years old - two severe defeats against newcomer Bob "The Beast" Sapp plug it in, because both fights not went over the full fight distance and the second even the - real - from the quarter-finals of the K-1 World Grand Prix Final tournament 2002 meant. However, Sapp could not compete against Ray Sefo, and so the already battered old master was then all of a sudden but the semi-finals of this important K-1 tournament again.

He defeated Sefo after only 109 seconds, and secured his fifth final battle within the last nine years, he had to contest against Le Banner won and happy.

Le Banner offered a great battle, but in the third round, he was forced to retire due to a broken arm and Hoost secured his fourth title and became the record holder.

2004, however, was already in the quarterfinals against his Dutch compatriot terminus, on December 2, 2006, he made ​​it again to the semifinals, where he lost again, however, against a Dutchman: Semmy Schilt.

That was Hoosts last fight. His career so he could finish with his total of 8 semi-finals and walked away with a total of 4 tracks as K-1 legend, has a record of 74 fights, of which he won 59; 37 even prematurely.

Worth mentioning

In Hoost career there was only a draw, no fight was not considered. Hoost met five times over Frenchman Jérôme Le Banner, whom he defeated three times. Hoost had four times against his Dutch compatriot and triple title holder " The Dutch Lumberjack " Peter Aerts compete, two fights he could decide for themselves. Even against the Swiss K -1 World Grand Prix champion 1996 Andy Hug he has fought four times, he has three arguments can decide for himself against his Dutch compatriot Semmy Schilt (K-1 Champion 2005-2007, 2009), he has three fought time (no win), as against the Croatians Mirko Filipović ( three wins), the New Zealander Sefo ( three wins ) and the German -Croatian Stefan Leko ( three wins). Meanwhile Hoost has worked as a coach.


  • Dutch champion 1987 Thai boxing
  • European Champion 1988 Savate Boxe Française
  • European Champion 1988 Thai boxing
  • ISKA European Champion 1988/2 heavyweight
  • W.K.A European Champion 1988/2 heavyweight
  • World Champion 1989 Savate Boxe Française
  • World Champion 1989 Thai boxing
  • IKBF world champion Lightheavyweight
  • W.K.A - 1990 World Cup champion light heavyweight
  • ISKA World Champion 1994/2 heavyweight
  • K-2 World Grand Prix Champion 1993
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 1993 finalist
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 1993 Champion
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 1997 finalist
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 1999 Champion
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 2000 in Nagoya Finalist
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 2000 Champion
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 2001 in Melbourne champion
  • K-1 Australian Grand Prix 2001 Champion
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 2002 Champion