Ernesto Rossi (politician)

Ernesto Rossi ( * 1897 in Caserta, † February 9, 1967 in Rome ) was an Italian politician, journalist and anti-fascists. He wore Partito d' Azione establishing the and later the Radical Party in and was co-author of the "Manifesto of Ventotene " in 1941, was the first forerunner of today's Lisbon Treaty.

Life history

Rossi took at the age of 19 years volunteered to participate in the First World War. In the years 1919-1922 he worked for the newspaper Popolo d' Italia, who led Benito Mussolini. During this time, he met the writer and politician Gaetano Salvemini, with whom he later worked. Through his friendship with Salvemini Rossi became a critic and resolute opponent of fascism. After his arrest in 1930, he sat first nine years in a prison in Rome, before he was brought to Ventotene, an island in the Gulf of Gaeta ( between Rome and Naples). In July 1941, he was next to Spinelli and Eugenio Colorni to the authors of the anti-Fascist Manifesto di Ventotene. It called upon the writer on the establishment of a European federal state, which should have common institutions and a common army. At the same time, they argued that this " European revolution " be a socialist and should be used for the " emancipation of the working class."


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  • Co-authors: The Ventotene Manifesto (1941 )