Ernesto Schiaparelli

Ernesto Schiaparelli ( born July 12, 1856 in Occhieppo Inferiore in the present province of Biella (then Novara), Piedmont, † February 14, 1928 in Turin ) was an Italian Egyptologist.


Schiaparelli comes from a well known family of scholars. His father Luigi Schiaparelli taught history at the University of Turin. In his relationship can be further eminent chemists, orientalist, astronomer and photographer find. Ernesto studied Egyptology in Turin Francesco Rossi and at the Sorbonne in Paris under Gaston Maspero.

Schiaparelli was from 1881 to 1894 director of the Egyptian Museum in Florence, where he had put the exhibits in new spaces. At the height of his scientific career, he was appointed director of the Museo Egizio in Turin in 1894, which is the second largest Egypt was temporarily museum dedicated to the world due to the rain excavation activities. He wrote further more in his time known manuals. From 1910 to Schiaparelli occupied the Chair of Egyptology at the University of Turin. Between 1903 and 1920 he undertook twelve expeditions to Egypt and opened graves there, including in Heliopolis. He found the grave of Nefertari in 1904 in Deir el -Medina in the Valley of the Kings and dug the grave TT8 architects Cha and his wife Merit two years later from. The remains were later exhibited in the Museo Egizio in Turin.

As a guest of the Italian Franciscans in Luxor in 1884 he had met the financial hardships that prevented any charitable work of the missionaries. After his return, he pursued the creation of a welfare organization, which took place in 1886. Until his death he held the office of Secretary of the Associazione Nazionale per Soccorrere i Missionari Italiani ( ANSMI ) from ( National Association for the Support of the Italian missionaries ), its first chairman Augusto Conte was. Main task was the construction and maintenance of schools and hospitals in northern Africa.

In 1897 he became a corresponding member of the Accademia dei Lincei in 1912 socio nazionale. The Accademia delle scienze in Turin he was a member since 1910. In 1924 he was appointed Senator of the Kingdom. He was of the Order of the Crown of Italy ( Knight and Commander ) and the Knights of St.. Mauritius and Lazarus ( Knight and Officer ).

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