Ernie Adams (actor)

Ernest " Ernie " Adams ( born June 18, 1885 in San Francisco, California, † November 26, 1947 in Los Angeles, California ) was an American actor.


Adams was a small, skinny actors and was mostly occupied in the sound era as a crook; often he played the decoy, informers or Shrewd in crime films and westerns. He began his career in musical comedies such as Toot Toot by Jerome Kern on the stages of Broadway. His first film appearances are in use for 1919; until his death, he played small and very small, sometimes more important supporting roles. Among other things, he was with the Mascot Pictures under contract that brought most serial on the market. He regularly played for the Republic Pictures in the mid-1930s B- movies with Bob Steele and Johnny Mack Brown in the lead role. Adams appeared in at least 440 films, of which nearly 150 Western and thirty serial. One of his most famous roles - played against his image - is in the serial The Phantom of the year 1943.

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