Ernst Hinterberger

Leopold Ernst Hinterberger (born 17 October 1931 in Vienna, † May 14, 2012 ) was an Austrian writer and screenwriter.


Ernst Hinterberger, who was seven years old when his father died, was a trained electrician. In 1950 he began training as a security guard officials, however, he had to stop prematurely due to a surprisingly low vision occurred in 1952 in the police academy Vienna. After that, he worked first as a laborer. In 1958 he married and attended the Library School of the City of Vienna, then he worked for ten years as library director in popular education worldwide. After the closing of this libraries in 1968, he was until his retirement in 1991 as a clerk in a factory operates.

For literature Ernst Hinterberger took place in the 1950s over the Bavarian writer Oskar Maria Graf.

Hinterberger lived since about 1954 in a 44 -square-meter apartment community at the Vienna Margaret Belt ( 5th district ). This building was also named after him on 24 September 2013, and is now called " Ernst Hinterberger yard". His first wife, Margaret ( " Gerti " ) died in 2001, nine months before the publication of his book A Farewell. Memoirs. (2002). His second wife Hinterberger was married to Karla, with whom he lived since 2004.

The practicing Buddhist Ernst Hinterberger died 14 May 2012 in hospital Hietzing. On June 12, 2012 his urn in an honorary grave in devoted Ehrenhain (Group 40, No. 184) was buried in the Viennese central cemetery.


" A real Wiener goes under"

Behind Bergers Edmund ' Mundy ' bag Bauer, (anti) hero of the TV series A real Wiener goes under, was in the German language the epitome of a resident of a Viennese apartment building ( block of flats ).

The " television Mundl " is actually a good-hearted deep inside his soul complainer who still come around again and again, while the original figure, the salt of the earth from the middle 1960s is a disgusting man in his mid-life crisis in the book, which from an Italy vacation notices that his control of the family disappears. At the end of the work he leaves the woman who wants to get in the " puff" back his self-confidence, fails promptly here, and the book ends with the fact that the protagonist is not quite sure whether he in the accused by him because of his crash Gunstgewerblerin affect has killed or injured if they survived.

The erstausgestrahlte of 8 June 1975 on ORF series about the working-class family sack Bauer, with the Karl Merkatz played, blustering in broad Viennese dialect Original " Mundy ", an electrician from my favorites, polarized the audience. When ORF customer service at that time were countless " audience reactions from irate rejection " - especially from the illustrated working class - "to an enthusiastic consent " on the representation of the blind peasant family. In later times, the series got yourself how the sayings " Mundls " cult status.

2008, the film was released the series under the title True Wiener - The blind farmer saga; the screenplay was by Ernst Hinterberger.

Trautmann and other commissioners

Hinterberger 1984 wrote his first detective novel called jogging. At that time, there was a project in which authors who normally write no thrillers, is trying to detective stories. Through his work in the police service Hinterberger had already Some background knowledge about criminal cases and investigations.

In Running a chief inspector named villagers came before; an elderly man who has only one or two years until his retirement. It determines how all other policemen at Hinterberger in Vienna's 2nd district Leopoldstadt. Later Hinterberger invented the Inspector Otto Hotwagner. This was also already at an advanced age, but enjoyed high reputation among his colleagues.

In the novel, payday 1997 Hinterberger let his inspector Hotwagner die from stroke, whereupon the little younger Polycarp Trautmann took over the post in 1998 for the first time determined in the dark side in a detective novel. Trautmann wears his heart in the right place and always found a few meters from the designated official channels. The figure of Trautmann was already known from the popular ORF series Kaisermuehlen Blues and was played by Wolfgang Böck.

As Hinterberger wanted to end 1999 Kaisermuehlen blues, asked the ORF based on a screenplay for a spin- off series. Hinterberger and director Harald Sicheritz chose the figure of Trautmann and produced in 2000 a 90 - minute TV thriller entitled Who is tricky remains.

The production had an Austrian contribution to German crime series to be " scene ". Because of the supposedly incomprehensible in Germany Viennese dialect the result but was discontinued shortly before the first showing on German television. In Austria, however, the crime was a great success, and as further episodes were produced, with renowned actors like Erwin Steinhauer, Wolfram Berger, Simon Schwarz, Heinz Petters and Beatrice Frey.

Sequence of 2 to Thomas Roth directed the film, as Sicheritz had a serious car accident. Since Roth allegedly began more and more to change on the scripts with the times, Hinterberger drew a row after 10 the consequences and ended the cooperation with the ORF. Since then, Hinterberger processed the character of Inspector Trautmann frequently in his books.


Stage plays

  • In the cage
  • Is not always yes Sunday
  • The doll
  • Open Society
  • Swimming pool


On the subject of how he was converted to Buddhism:

" I picked up where g'lesen that of Marlon Brando Laozi reads, and do i lifted my wick when the reads, down kaun i of ah. "

On the subject of that Hinterberger itself could immediately buy a house:

" For zwa conductivity is of [ the small community of apartment ] sufficient. [ ... ] Of [ a house ] interested mi net. I am aufg'wachsen 200 meters from here in a backyard. There i picked g'sehen only roofs. Otherwise I was on the Gossn. Therefore I SOGT a garden nothing. Oda nature ... Yes, the trees are green. I like it just as if kane san leaves on it. "

On the subject of his place of residence from the pull had never come into his mind:

" I grew up in the Grätzel, this is my home. Dobling Waehring, Hietzing: That is abroad. Vienna is the fifth district for me. "