Ernst Lindenbauer

Ernst Linde Bauer ( born November 18, 1881 in Lichtenegg bei Wels, † April 22, 1961 in Vienna) was Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Lindenbauer was born the son of a farmer in Lichtenegg in Wels, Upper Austria, and was at the age of 13 years, his first riding lessons. His knack he owed it that he came after finishing his education in 1895 as an apprentice to the stables of Archduke Franz Salvator in Lichtenegg where he got valuable guidance in dealing with horses next instruction in riding and driving. During his Elevenzeit Lindenbauer learned to be -all-trades, because he rode with not only race and riding hunts, but he was instructed in the dressage training of horses.

In 1900, he voluntarily resigned the Dragoon Regiment 6 in Wels and returned to his three-year military service back into the service of Archduke Franz Salvator. From there he was set on 20 November 1906 in the Imperial Royal Campagne- riding stables in Vienna as " Hofreitskolar " and appointed heaters II and I. Class over time. While this use Lindenbauer had beside the breaking in of young horses for the Hofmarstall and the holding of riding lessons repeated the opportunity to occasionally provide the horses of Emperor Franz Josef of military parades and participating in maneuvers. In 1919 Lindenbauer was transferred to resolution of Campagne- riding stable to the Spanish Riding School, where he was promoted in 1926 to Chief Rider.

Lindenbauer, the quiet introverted man who played a key role in maintaining the Spanish Riding School in the difficult time of the First World War, the change from monarchy to republic and the interwar period. He was one of the pillars of the Spanish Riding School at the time.


  • Spanish Riding School
  • Riding Champion
  • Reiter ( Austria )
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  • Austrian
  • Person ( Austria during the interwar period )
  • Person in the First World War ( Austria - Hungary)
  • Born in 1881
  • Died in 1961
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