Erromango is an island of the New Hebrides and is the largest island in Tafea, the southernmost province of Vanuatu. The two largest cities are Port Narvin ( Potnarvin, 250 inhabitants) and Dillons Bay ( Unpongkor, 500 inhabitants). The highest point is Mount Santop with 886 m. Between 1999 and 2009 the population increased from 1560 to 1950 on.

In the 19th century, the island was called " Martyr's Iceland ."

On Erromango growing sandalwood. In addition, here are the kauri and Tamanubäume at home. There has been much cut down, but gradually the nature recovers. Currently underway to trying to make the timber industry more environmentally friendly.

In the history of Erromango there were four languages. You Sorung, Ura and Utaha (Ifo ). Today, almost only Sorung and Utaha is spoken. Chance can still be residents who speak Ura. The languages ​​are the Erromanga languages ​​, a branch of the Southern Vanuatu languages.