The river west of the passage through the mountains at Iba

Ores Valley south of Tirana as seen from the castle Petrela

The ores ( Albanian: Erzeni, formerly Arzen ) is a river in central Albania. It rises about 25 kilometers east of Tirana in the Mali me Gropa and flows northwest of the Albanian capital, in the Adriatic Sea. Its length is 109 kilometers. It drains the eastern tip and the entire south of the circle Tirana and at the east of the circle Durres, a total of 760 square kilometers.

The source of the ores, located at about 1200 m above sea level. A. in a large basin in Skanderbeggebirge. At the village Shëngjergj e Shënmëri eat a variety of other sources, the young river. South of DAJTI breaks through the ores in a deep ravine ( Gryka Skronës e ) the outer edge of the chain, the chain Kruja. As a result, it flows at the northern foot of the Kodrat e Krrabës ( Krraba Hill ) to the west. The valley floor, where it meanders from one side to the other, is now emerging from the edge chain usually about one kilometer wide.

The river passes through the city of Tirana, only a few kilometers from its southern reaches. Only a small range of hills separating the valley of the ores of the level of Tirana with the rivers Lana, Tirana ( Lumi i Tiranës ) Zeza and Tërkuza, which unite in the Ishëm. On the southwestern outskirts Yzberisht at the transition from the ores to the level valley is barely perceptible.

Southwest of Tirana breaks through the hilly terrain of the ores Kodra e Gjatë ( long hill ). After that, his running turns, only a few kilometers from the sea in the Bay of Durrës, to the north. Parallel to the Kodra e Gjatë and the coast it runs at Shijak by a vast plain. The mouth is between Durres and the headland of Kepi i Rodonit to the wide bay Gjiri i Lalzit. The average discharge at the mouth is 18.1 m³ / s, with the highest discharge rate exceeds the annual minimum to the eleven-fold.