Erzulie, written in Kreyòl Ezili, is a female loa ( spirit ) in Haitian Voodoo.


Erzulie is under her beneficent aspect ( Rada ) as Erzulie Freda and her destructive aspect ( Petro) revered as Erzulie Dantor.

Erzulie Freda

As Erzulie Freda it is considered as loa of romantic love and is called to build a love relationship or renew. You will also attributed to neutralize poisons and malicious magic and to help their faithful to prosperity. Your assigned the color pink.

Erzulie Dantor

As Erzulie Dantor it is considered as wild Protector of women from domestic violence and at the same time as the guardian spirit of New Orleans, which is why it is particularly revered by the local voodoo believers. You will also generally have a protective function for the faithful and impart skills beyond their imagination. You are assigned the colors navy blue and golden yellow. Sacrificed her will include silver jewelery, black female pigs, cocoa cream and daggers. She is said to have fought in the Haitian War of Independence, for which her ​​tongue was cut off from campaigners, so she could reveal any secrets at capture. It is most often depicted as mulatto girl with tribal scars on one cheek, often with her daughter Anais, who speaks and translates for them.

Syncretism with Christianity

In Haitian Voodoo, Erzulie is with Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, syncretized. Erzulies Veve contains one of a sword pierced heart, as it is also in Christian symbolism for Mary.