ESA European Seed Association

The European Seed Association (ESA ) is an association of European seed industry. ESA represents more than 30 national seed associations and more than 70 companies.


ESA was founded in November 2000 as a merger of predecessor organizations and companies to represent the seed industry with one voice at EU level. The common organization structure of the long-standing associations COSEMCO ( seed trade, founded in 1961 ), ASSOPOMAC (potato breeders, 1964), AMUFOC ( forage, 1970) and COMASSO ( plant breeders, 1977) was created in 1998.

Since April 2002, ESA has the status of a non-profit International Association ( AISBL ) under Belgian law. Headquartered in Brussels; the President (2012-2015) Gerard Backx and the Secretary General Garlich of food.


The ESA has indicated that the following objectives:

  • Effective protection of intellectual property in relation to plants and seeds;
  • Reasonable regulation of the European seed industry;
  • Freedom of choice for farmers, industry and consumers in terms of seed that is produced through innovative and diverse technologies and production methods.

ESA represents the interests of its members to the EU Parliament, the EU Council of Ministers, the European Commission and the Community Plant Variety Office, as well as other industry associations, non-governmental organizations, the international press and the interested public. International ESA is also involved or with observer status at the International Seed Federation, the UPOV, the OECD, the International Seed Testing Association, the International Plant Protection Convention, FAO and others.