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48.482639.186137Koordinaten: 48 ° 28 ' 57 "N, 9 ° 11' 10" E The ESB Business School ( formerly ESB ) is the business school of the University of Reutlingen. It was founded in 1971 and offers internationally oriented degree programs in cooperation with universities in Asia, Europe, North and South America. The courses of the ESB Business School occupied in numerous rankings repeated peak positions in colleges.

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(: Faculty manufacturing economy first ) emerged in 1971, the department was established in foreign trade at the University of Reutlingen, which later became the faculties of the School of International Business (SIB ) and production management. The department of " manufacturing economy " took in 1973 on the operation. The European School of Business ( ESB short ) was founded in 1979 as an independent faculty of the University of Prof. Dr. Hans Tümmers with the aim to internationalize management education in Germany and more innovative. The first partner universities were the Reims Management School in Reims ( France) and the Middlesex University in London (United Kingdom). The curriculum was regarded as "revolutionary," as it is a common, fully integrated study program with foreign partner universities offered at the end of a double degree was earned, and since the first time an internal competition for students was created (for details on the selection procedure below).

On June 1, 2008, the economics faculties of the University of Reutlingen, " School of International Business " (SIB ), "Production Management" included (PM ) and the " European School of Business " (ESB ) to the new ESB Business School.

Courses of Study

The ESB Business School currently offers 20 courses of study with a strong practical orientation.

Undergraduate courses

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  • Bachelor of Arts Foreign Trade ( since WS2011/2012 no longer possible applications wg. Course merger with BSc Int.Bus. )
  • International Operations Management:

* Bachelor of Science Production Management   * Bachelor of Science International Logistics Management Double degrees ( Double Degrees )

  • Bachelor of Science in International Management and a second bachelor's degree - so-called double degree - the partner university in four years as part of the International Partnership of Business Schools. It offered nine different forms. The program was started with the founding of the ESB in 1979 and is based on an integrated program in which a half ( two years) spent the period of study in Reutlingen and the other half to one of the following partner universities.
  • The study program International Business provides students with the opportunity to acquire a Bachelor of Science within 7 semesters. For a certain number of students, it is possible, after 8 semesters, an additional bachelor's degree at Napier University (UK) or after 9 semesters to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or other Master's degree one of the following eleven partner universities.

Postgraduate courses

International Business Administration

  • Master of Science in International Management ( IPBS )
  • Master of Business Administration in International Management ( full time / part time)
  • Master of Arts in International Business Development
  • Master of Arts in International Accounting and Taxation
  • Master of Arts in European Management Studies

There is also offered an MBA for Officers.

Industrial Engineering

  • Master of Science in Logistics Management - Industrial Engineering
  • Master of Science in Production Management - Industrial Engineering
  • Master of Science Operations Management


As one of the first schools in Germany, the ESB Business School led (since 2008: program " BSc International Management " ) with its foundation an internal competition one, will be awarded on the basis of which a two-stage application process 125 study places.

After the written applications have been received, a pre-selection is made, using not only the final grade, but also abroad, training and extra -curricular activities are important. Afterwards, the selected candidates will be invited depending on the course to a written and oral competitions to Reutlingen. This is in most courses from a selection interview in English or German. In the program " BSc International Management " the selection process consists of a one-hour math and logic test, a language test and a personal interview ( interview ), which is led by a professor and a representative of a partner company. The study places are mostly awarded on a combination of school grades, interview and test result, but also partly based only on the results of the selection process ( ie without considering the final grade ).

Partner universities

The ESB Business School receives contacts with over 100 universities worldwide. These students can spend integrated study periods or semester abroad. A full overview is available on the website of the ESB Business School ( see links below).


The Association for the Promotion of International Management Education ( VIMA eV ) is the Friends of the ESB Business School. It was founded by professors in 1999 and currently includes 48 companies as members.

The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes and is selfless.

Purpose of the association is the promotion of international management education, in particular the promotion of research, teaching and knowledge transfer at the Faculty of ESB Business School, Reutlingen University, for example by:

  • Vocational Support from alumni and students
  • Intensification of contacts between theory and practice
  • Development of integrative graduate and post-graduate courses
  • Support of knowledge transfer between science and practice

First Chairman of the association is the Dean of the ESB Business School, Prof. Dr. Ottmar Schneck.

The partner companies are SMEs as large corporations, such as Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG, Bain & Company, Hilti AG, IBM Germany GmbH.

Alumni Network

With " ESB Reutlingen Alumni eV " has the ESB Business School on a now 3,000 members strong alumni network. Regular events such as the round tables will be held, inter alia, Bangkok, Barcelona, Dubai, Buenos Aires, London, Luxembourg, New York, Beijing, Prague, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore in addition to all major German cities. Hundreds of jobs and internships will be advertised within the network each year.

ESB Reutlingen Alumni Association was born from the fusion of the individual alumni networks of the former faculties

  • Euro Alumni Association ( Alumni Association of the former Faculty ESB Reutlingen today " BSc International Management " )
  • AlumniAWIB Reutlingen eV ( Alumni Association of the Faculty " School of International Business " (SIB ) )
  • Society of International Marketing eV (GIM )
  • Alumni PM ( Alumni Association of the Faculty of Production Management (PM))