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Eschlkam is a market in the Upper Palatinate district of Cham.

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Eschlkam lies on the River Chamb in the Bavarian Forest. The municipality is bordered to the west by the town of Furth im Wald, to the south by the municipality Rimbach and to the southeast by the market Neukirchen beim Heiligenblut (all Landkreis Cham ). In the north Eschlkam borders on the Czech market town Vseruby

Community structure

The municipality has 24 Eschlkam officially named districts:

  • Aignhof
  • Bakers mill
  • Eschlkam
  • Gaishof
  • Großaign
  • Haselmühle
  • Heuhofermühle
  • Jacob mill
  • Kleinaign
  • Kuchlshof
  • Leming
  • Multererhof
  • Neuaign
  • Oberdörfl
  • Oberfaustern
  • Penzenmühle
  • Pflaumermühle
  • Ritzenried
  • Schwarzenberg
  • Seugenhof
  • Stachesried
  • Unterfaustern
  • Warzenried

There are the districts Eschlkam, Großaign, Kleinaign, Black Mountain, Stachesried and warts Ried. The latter district is divided since the dissolution of the community Warzenried with the southern neighboring town of Neukirchen b.Hl.Blut.


Eschlkam was first documented in the years 1228 and 1270. The settlement was fortified center of the angle behind the Hohen Bogen.

The Marquis of Cham built a weir system and established a market that active trading operation with Bohemia.

Over the decades Eschlkam was destroyed several times. Not spared remained Eschlkam of Hussiteneinfällen in the period from 1420-1434 and from Sweden war in March 1634th The Swedes laid among others, the nurse castle in ruins, which was then no longer well built. From the church remains of the castle are only available. Get the Hofmarkschloss but is still in Stachesried which dates from the 17th century.

The border between Bavaria and Bohemia essentially determines the history of Eschlkam. On 1 July 1990, the border crossing Eschlkam - Vseruby reopened. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain Eschlkam is very concerned about proximity ties to the communities beyond the limiting tree.


On 1 January 1972 the then independent municipality Schwarzenberg was incorporated. On May 1, 1978 Großaign and Stachesried and part of the former municipality Warzenried were added.


Coat of arms

Blazon: sub main shield with the Bavarian Red diamonds in a golden comb with four teeth. The coat of arms has been known since 1514.


Eschlkam closed after the opening of the border in 1994 partnerships with its Czech neighbor communities Kdyně and Vseruby.

Public institutions


  • Waldschmidt Eschlkam school ( elementary school )


The market has two community libraries, in Eschlkam and warts Ried, the local library Eschlkam is the oldest public library in Lower Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate under church-run. This was founded in 1888 by Maximilian Schmidt. The library with a stock of about 6000 media has a computerized lending system. Since it is operated volunteer, every euro flows in the purchase of media.


Two natural swimming pond ( Großaign and Stachesried ) are available for free use.

Culture and sights

  • Art walk " boundary encounters - routes between East and West" on the ridge at Eschlkam

House of Europe

Pennant series

Art Pavilion

  • The beginning of the Eastern Bavarian Way of St. James, which is a pilgrimage to the grave of the Apostle James in Santiago de Compostela in Spain
  • Schwirzadenkmal in shafts ( Schwirza is the local expression in the dialect for smugglers )
  • Parish Church of St. James in Eschlkam
  • Waldschmidt exhibition at the Gasthaus zur Post about life and work of Maximilian Schmidt, called Waldschmidt. Open Sundays from 14-17 clock and by appointment.

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  • Pastor Pongratz
  • Maximilian Schmidt, called Waldschmidt
  • Walter Richter

Other personalities

  • The painter Alois Bach (1809-1893) was born here.
  • Bishop Josef Kumpfmüller ( Diocese of Augsburg 1930-1949 ) was born in 1869 in the village of Schwarzenberg ( † 1949)

Literature and Literary

  • Walter Richter: The forest Schmidt Prize 1984-1994, wages 1995 ( issued through the e from Waldschmidt Club Eschlkam V. Price )
  • Friedl Thor Ward: The Müller boys Eschlkam (novel ), 2008, ISBN 3-86512-018-0
  • Joseph Pongratz: Eschlkam A home directory, Published by the municipality Eschlkam (1973 )
  • Werner Perlinger: Eschlkam in ancient times: from the beginnings to the modern age, Edited from the market town Eschlkam (2010)
  • Ludwig Baumann, Winfried Baumann, Reinhold Bucher, Birgit Fischer, Josef chamber Meier, Gerhard Lamecker, Stefan Neumeyer, Werner Perlinger, Werner Richter, Xaver Riederer, Max Riedl, Alois Carpenter, Marianne Späth, Franz Sorry, Max Utz, Chief machinations of the clubs, Siegi Wild: Eschlkam in modern times: from the 19th century to the present, Edited from the market town Eschlkam (2011)