ESI Group

ESI Group provides software forth for virtual prototypes, that is, it is CAD and CAE software used to simulate the function and the physical behavior of technical products (such as automobiles or aircraft) numerically. The software is used by companies in the automotive, aerospace and energy supply in the context of development and construction.

The company began in 1973 as a technical engineering consultancy for aerospace, defense and energy utilities. In 1985, ESI together with a German consortium, led by Volkswagen, the crash test simulation software PAM -CRASH On 6 July 2000, the IPO took place at the Paris "Nouveau Marché " stock market of NYSE Euro Next. In February 2004, the simulation software CFD -ACE , CFD FASTRAN, CFD and CFD VisCART CADalyzer came through the corporate takeover of CFD Research Corp. for computational fluid dynamics added to the software program package. On 12 September 2012, the company acquired ESI OpenCFD Ltd, which developed the CFD software OpenFOAM under the GPL license.

ESI Group is listed on the stock index CAC Small the Paris Bourse.