Espenau is a municipality in the district of Kassel in northern Hesse ( Germany ).

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Geographical Location

Espenau is located a few kilometers north of Kassel and directly north of Vellmar between the hawk forest in the southwest and the Reinhard Forest in the northeast. It is situated at a maximum of 280 m high plateau, the area of ​​origin of the western Fulda inflow aspen (center running between the High Church and monks mountain ) and the southern Diemel inflow Esse.

The districts of Espenau are close together, yet there is plenty of space in the municipal area. On the northern edge of the High Church, there is a pond with the eater origin. A fairly extensive forest area with the Staufenberg and the forest area " fire " and the front thereof bells pond closes west of the community in north lie vast pastures and fields.

Neighboring communities

Espenau borders in the north on the town Immenhausen, in the east on the community of Fulda valley, in the south on the town Vellmar, in the southwest on the community Ahnatal, in the west on the community Calden and to the northwest by the city Grebestein (all in the district of Kassel).


Districts of Espenau are:

  • Mönchehof with Schäferberg
  • Auf der Heide


On 1 December 1970, the new church was Espenau newly formed by the merger of the previously independent municipalities High churches and Mönchehof.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


Espenau maintains partnerships with Gangloffsömmern ( district Sömmerda, Thuringia) and the SOS Children's Village Imst (Tirol ).

The sponsorship of the Children's Village Imst is of particular importance to the community. Imst is the first children's village at all, which was founded by Hermann Gmeiner. The sponsorship of community Espenau was the first sponsor who founded a church at a children's village. This sponsorship is still very well maintained by the community through mutual visits of citizens.

Economy and infrastructure

Largest business enterprise is the Forest Hotel Schäferberg Kassel, which has a major tourist importance. About 100 hotel rooms, 20 meeting and event rooms and over 100 employees. Next to the hotel and meeting the catering operation has a great reputation with a radius of more than 60 km. Many of the employees come from the region itself or from the place


The district Mönchehof has a station on the railway line Kassel- Warburg, by Espenau and Warburg leads from Kassel ( with connections to the Ruhr area). From there, a controversial link to the Halle- Kassel Railway at Speele is planned, the freight trains would allow a bypass of Kassel.

Espenau provides its citizens a free city bus system. Instead of fare will be asked for a donation to a charitable organization.


  • Reinhardswald - (a few kilometers north-east )
  • Hawk Forest - (a few kilometers south-west )
  • Kassel - ( close to the south )
  • Castle Wilhelm Thal - ( a few miles west, to reach even on foot)