Espinho, Portugal

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Espinho is a municipality and town in Portugal, it belongs to the district of Aveiro, the Região Norte and Grande Porto subregion.


End of the 18th century fishermen settled from Furadouro ( circle ovary). After initially in mild seasonal cabins only lived here for winter to return to their homes, some began to build permanent homes and to be permanently resident here. From the mid 19th century, the beach was increasingly frequented by the emerging middle class in the burgeoning industry of the wider area.

With the arrival of the railway in 1867 the development of the town took a rapid ascent. Began in 1870 with a first plan, the urban development of Espinho. Roads were built like a chessboard, casinos, hotels and tourist cafes emerged. After the appointment of an independent municipality in 1889, Espinho in 1899 to an independent circuit through cessions of territory of the district of Santa Maria da Feira.

Culture, Sports and Attractions

The place is known for its wide sandy beaches, for its casino de Espinho, for its lively nightlife and its fish restaurants. Bike paths and trails are created, about 14 km long hiking trail along the coast from Espinho to Vila Nova de Gaia. Bird watching is possible on the lagoon Lagoa de páramos. More bathing facilities, in addition to the lagoon and the beaches, this pool Piscina Solario Atlântico.

Among the most important cultural institutions in the city include the set up in a former factory arts and cultural Fórum de Arte e Cultura de Espinho ( FACE), which offers an auditorium and several galleries with changing exhibitions, and in which also the city museum (Museu Municipal) is housed. The Centro Multimeios is a planetarium, but also congress and cultural center. Since 1977 it hosts the Cinamina - Festival Internacional de Cinema de animação de Espinho instead, a film festival for animated films. In the Academia de Música every year a festival of classical music takes place.

The most important sports club of the circle is the SC Espinho, whose football section 2005 of the Second Division ( Liga de Honra ) descent and currently playing in the third division. His volleyball team won the 2001 European Cup in 2002 and runner-up. Also indoor soccer (Futsal ), handball, swimming, athletics and other sports are practiced in the club.



Espinho is the main town of the same small circle with an area of 21.1 km ² and 31,796 inhabitants (as of June 30, 2011 ), divided into 5 municipalities ( freguesias ). The county is bordered on the north by Vila Nova de Gaia, on the east by Santa Maria da Feira, on the south by the ovary and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean.

The following municipalities ( Freguesias ) are in the county Espinho:

  • Anta
  • Espinho
  • Guetim
  • Páramos
  • Silvalde


Local holiday



The elaborately decorated with azulejos Espinho station is a stop of the Linha do Norte and the Linha do Vouga.

Espinho is integrated via its connections to the A29 and the A41 to the motorway network in the country.

Espinho is also the namesake of the airport Espinho, which lies near the town. This is not served by regular commercial aircraft and is used only as a private and sports airfield. The nearest international airport is about 40 km north of Porto airport.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • António Leitão (1960-2012), Athlete
  • Dino Meira (1940-1993), singer
  • Maria Emília Correia ( born 1947 ), actress and theater director
  • Vítor Pereira ( b. 1968 ), football player and coach
  • Fernando Couto (born 1969 ), football player
  • João Carlos Pereira Brenha Alves (born 1970 ), volleyball player
  • Liliana Neves ( born 1977 ), TV presenter
  • Ricardo Azevedo ( b. 1977 ), pop singer
  • Filipe Miguel maganinho Gonçalves ( born 1984 ), football player
  • Leonardo Tavares ( born 1984 ), tennis player
  • Ivan Manuel Amorim dos Santos ( * 1988), football player