Esrum Abbey

Daughter monasteries

Monastery Vitskøl ( 1158 ) Monastery of Soro ( 1161 ) Monastery Dargun ( 1172 ) Eldena Abbey ( 1172 ) Monastery Kolbatz ( 1175 ) Rudekloster ( 1192 )

The particular famous by the eponymous cheese Esrom Monastery ( Esrum ) is a former Cistercian monastery in Denmark.


The monastery is located on the island of Zealand ( Sjælland ) on the north side of the lake at Esrum Græsted.


The 1140 built as a Benedictine monastery was taken over by the Cistercian order in 1151 and existed until the Reformation in 1536; the last monks are said to have left it in 1559. It was a daughter house of the primary Clairvaux Abbey and mother monastery of Kloster Vitskøl, Monastery Soro, the convent dog in Schleswig -Holstein, from monastery Dargun in Mecklenburg ( Initial establishment ), and three Pomeranian monasteries monastery Eldena near Greifswald, Monastery Kolbatz in Szczecin and the daughter of founding of Kolbatz monastery Oliva near Danzig.

Buildings and plant

The church was a three-aisled basilica with a transept and a rectangular choir. From the medieval monastery of the south wing and get the water mill remain.