Nettle is a municipality in the district of Lower Saxony Heidekreis and belongs to Samtgemeinde Schwarmstedt. The main town basin is located on the south bank of the Aller. Through the community, the motorway is 7

  • 3.1 municipal

Community structure

The municipality basin consists of four localities:

  • Essel
  • Engehausen
  • Still yards
  • Ostenholzer Moor


For the first time Essel was mentioned in 1251 as Esele. The monitoring of the Esseler Allerübergangs and control of the all- Marine took over the three gentlemen of Hademstorf. They sat in the 14th century on the Uhlenburg. The castle was the Aller between Essel and Buchholz ( Aller) and was destroyed in 1394 by the Dukes of Brunswick- Lüneburg.

Another castle was already in the 13th century when the district Engehausen in the form of Blankenburg, from which later developed into a noble estate.

From 1450 was the seat of a nettle Amtsvogtei and belonged to the adjacent bailiwicks Fallingbostel, Winsen and bite village to United Bailiwick Celle. The majority of Vogt Donop was around 1580 newly build the office building and a granary to Essel. The building was in 1874 in possession of full- Meier Georg Heinrich Engehausen over. The road at the former office building has been designated as " On Amtshof ".

In July 1968, the Esseler elementary school was closed after about 300 years. On 25 September 2002, the community took part in the competition "Our village is beautiful - Our village has a future" part.


On March 1, 1974, the municipality Engehausen was incorporated.

Paddock in place

Memorial stone 750 years Essel

Großköthnerhaus of 1662

Halbmeyer house from 1782

Yard with Fachhallenhaus house from 1782


Parish council

  • UWG - 3 seats
  • SPD - 5 seats
  • CDU - 3 seats
  • Mayor Bernd block (since 2006 ), ( CDU)