Essen Motor Show

The Essen Motor Show is an automobile show, the priority themes are automobiles, motor sports, tuning and Old or classic cars. The fair takes place every year in late November / early December in Essen- Ruettenscheid in the halls of the Messe Essen next to the Gruga Grounds.

Show on the fair automakers their innovations in the field of tuning the spectrum extends to "fine tuners " such as Brabus, present it to the racing teams of major manufacturers as well as the active in motor sports associations (eg ADAC and DMSB ). In addition to the key issues but there is hardly a " automobiles subject," that would not be represented at the Essen Motor Show: Showing same design studies such as " Crazy Cars " or exceptional motorcycles. Racing cars of the current season are here with historic race cars, you can buy accessories, just be collector of model cars find it here. Since the start of the Essen Motor Show for more than 10.5 million people visited this fair. In the sector tuning and performance cars it is considered the largest and most important trade fair for the industry.

This event is regarded as a link between fans, companies, motor sport racing associations and organizers, in which are presented annually and reviewed all the news around the theme " automobile" once. In addition, new products from the tuning or accessories there are shown.


Location of the Essen Motor Show is the Ruhr metropolis Essen, European Capital of Culture 2010. 's Fair event is every year, each with well over 500 exhibitors the complete halls of the Messe Essen with a total of approximately 105,000 m². The exhibition is located in the Rüttenscheid next to the Gruga park. Ruettenscheid is characterized by an extensive shopping opportunities and offers many pubs and restaurants. Due to the urban location, it is advisable to travel to the fair by public transport or use one of the fair parking in the environment.


  • 45th Essen Motor Show: December 1 bis December 9, 2012
  • 46th Essen Motor Show: November 30 bis December 8, 2013
  • 47th Essen Motor Show: November 29 bis December 7, 2014


The 1960

The Essen Motor Show was the first time in 1968 under the title " 1 International sports and racing cars exhibition instead of eating. " "Inventor" of the event was the then 25 -year-old and automotive enthusiasts Wolfgang Schoeller, which functions today as coordinator for the event. His idea was to take place as of the end of the season motorsport year, the exhibition and show there especially the winning car of the season. On November 2, 1968, the first exhibition opened on just 7,000 square meters of exhibition space. The success of the first exhibition exceeded all expectations. At times, the organizers and the fair management had to help in the sale of tickets. Among the guests of honor was directly also the racing star of the time par excellence: Graham Hill, who won the Formula 1 World Championship title a day after the opening of the exhibition in Essen in distant Mexico. A total of 57,000 visitors came.

The 1970

After the first trade ties with then Formula 1 driver Jochen Rindt were established, which held its own racing car show in Vienna. For 1970, plans to intensify cooperation with Jochen Rindt. The show's title was changed to " Jochen Rindt Show - Int. Sports and racing cars exhibition food " changed. On September 5, 1970, ie almost three months before the opening, he suffered a fatal accident at Monza. Nevertheless, the fair was held as planned under the new title. The number of visitors has doubled over the previous year to nearly 125,000, the exhibition space increased to 25,000 square meters. Nina Rindt, Jochen Rindt's wife, the fair was still available and remained active until 2005 engine as a consultant to the food show. In 1972, the exhibition area had grown to 34,000 sqm and there were nearly 150,000 visitors. A setback came in 1973, when the sign of the oil crisis and the Sunday driving bans the number of visitors dropped to 84,600. Since no PR campaign, such as helped the performances of racing Rolf Stommelen who rode on horseback in the halls or Formula 1 driver Ronnie Peterson, who arrived by bicycle. Only in 1978 was able to announce a new record the fair with 160,000 visitors again. In 1978, the title of the exhibition in " Int. Essen Motor Show changed because the previously independent motorcycle show was integrated at Messe Essen in the " sports and racing cars exhibition".

The 1980

1982 was added in a separate exhibition space for vintage and classic cars. Also new this year was the "Show Center ", a presentation area for historic automobiles, design studies and extravagant means of transportation. The exhibition space was increased to 65,000 m². 1984 came the first time more than 200,000 visitors. Since 1987, the ADAC honorary sponsor of the Essen Motor Show. 1988 were already 332,800 visitors.

The 1990

In 1990, Messe Essen has once again expanded, so that now 90,000 m² were available. The number of visitors exceeded the 350,000 mark for the first time. In 1992, the tuning range was expanded together with the VDAT (Association of German Automobile Tuners ), the Halls 10/11, in which the first motor show had taken place, " VDAT Salon" now became. As of 1996, the event was called " Essen Motor Show International".


The new millennium started for now "Motor Food Show" only as occurring fair with a further enlargement. It could be a new exhibition hall be put into operation, making the exhibition area increased to more than 100,000 m². Parallel found for the first time the " Hi, how are you " instead of evening, has since then been taking place annually evening, on the former racers, rally drivers and sports chiefs meet and the now always well over 200 " alumni " to arrive. 2001 was exceeded for the first time with 409 200 visitors 400.000er brand, in 2004 it was finally 416 500 visitors. Since then, the number of visitors has stabilized between 360,000 and 400,000. At the same time, the exhibition is changed: since 2005, the so-called " eco-tuning " plays (ecological changes, ie fuel saving tuning) a very important role. In 2006, the "Motorsport mile" in a 250 -meter-long hall added, a central meeting place in the show for active racers and fans. 2007 the Essen Motor Show for the 40th time and the arrangements were under the motto "40 years of automotive passion ". Attracted more than 350,000 visitors to this anniversary show. In the Hall 1A own party area in the Essen Motor Show opened with the " Essen Showground " for the first time. So you replaced the "Show Center " from. Since 2008, the Essen Motor Show has to offer a further appreciation of the topic Motorsport: So the hall was 6.0 declares a pure motor sports hall, and in the neighboring hall 7.0 a drift course was set up.

Today, the food is Motor Show IAA after the second-largest vehicle exhibition and the largest annual event of its kind in Germany. In the ranking of trade fairs in Germany as a whole is the Essen Motor Show on rank 5 More visitors have only the IAA, the Bauma, CeBIT and the International Green Week Berlin.