Essex (automobile)

Essex was the brand name of automobiles, which were produced from 1918 to 1922 by the Essex Motor Company and by 1932 by the Hudson Motor Car Co. in Detroit. At that time the Essex was considered small car for an affordable price. The Essex led the introduction as standard closed limousines, instead of the usual open touring car, a.

Originally, the Essex was a product of the Essex Motor Company, which was, however, 100% of the carmaker Hudson. The Essex Motor Company rented the Studebaker factory in Detroit for the production of their cars. 1922 was solved on this company and made the Essex officially to what he actually has always been: a product of Hudson.

Cars of mark Essex were designed to be rather low -priced vehicles that were affordable for an average family. They were very reliable; their skills have been tested by AAA (American Automobile Association) and found to be good as well as the postal companies in the United States.

First Essex offered a number of touring car - then the most common design for a car - at. 1920, a closed sedan and 1922 to a closed transport vehicle was introduced, the 1495 - U.S. $ - 300, - U.S. $ more than the touring cars - cost. In 1925, the price of the trolley down on the touring car. While Henry Ford attributes the invention of affordable cars, Essex has made the enclosed car affordable.

Sales of Essex could then opt to see in the 1920s and until 1931 and then fell off. 1932 presented to a redesigned Essex under the name Essex - Terraplane ( a pun on "Airplane " (English " airplane " ) ). 1933 was dropped the name of Essex and the car was only Terraplane.


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