Essonne (river)

The River at Ballancourt -sur -Essonne

The Essonne is a river that runs in the central region of France. It rises in the Gâtinais, in the municipality of Chilleurs -aux -Bois. The source is located on the northwest flank of the massif of Ingrannes, at an altitude of 130 meters. The source stream is often referred to by the name Œuf. Both names date back to the ancient Celtic goddess Acionna, whose cult is demonstrated here in Gallo-Roman times.

The river drains initially northeast, turning later to North and empties finally after 97 kilometers, just south-east of Paris, in Corbeil -Essonnes as a left tributary of the Seine.

On their way the Essonne flows through the Regional Nature Park Gâtinais français. She is also named for the department of Essonne.

By Crossed departments

In the Centre region

  • Loiret

In the Ile- de -France region

  • Seine- et- Marne
  • Essonne

Places on the river

  • Mareau -aux -Bois
  • Pithiviers
  • Auger Ville- la -Rivière
  • Malesherbes
  • Maisse
  • Boutigny -sur -Essonne
  • La Ferté- Alais
  • Ballancourt -sur -Essonne
  • Mennecy
  • Ormoy
  • Villabé
  • Corbeil -Essonnes