Estadio 10 de diciembre


The Estadio 10 de diciembre ( German Stadium on December 10 ) is a football stadium in Ciudad Cooperativa Cruz Azul, a small town in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. Will be used in 1963 inaugurated venue with 17,000 seats from the football club Cruz Azul Hidalgo.

Origin of the name

The name of the stadium was chosen in memory of 10 December 1953, when Guillermo Álvarez Macías became CEO of Cemento Cruz Azul and had started a new era in the cement factory. Under him, the company not only made a decisive step towards modernity and productivity, but also in the areas of promoting sport and culture. So Álvarez Macías belonged for many years to large impellers of the Group's own football team Cruz Azul.


The court, which is part of the stadium site today, was already home ground of that team Cruz Azul, who played 1961-1964 in the second division. In that place Cruz Azul managed on January 19, 1964 the final day of the season 1963/64, by a 7-1 win against CD Zamora promotion to the first division, which has since belonged to the club continuously. The ascent was made possible by the simultaneous 1-2 defeat of the previous league leaders FC Poza Rica at Orizaba FC.

To make the site erstligatauglich, began on 6 March in 1964 with the construction of a wooden stand, which was completed after four months. On 12 July 1964, the stadium was inaugurated with a match against the CD Irapuato (3-0).

In the newly opened stadium Cementeros also celebrated their first two league titles (1968 /69 and México 70), before they escaped the cramped conditions of Ciudad Cooperativa Cruz Azul in the spring of 1971 and fought out their home games from now on at the Azteca stadium in Mexico City. Nevertheless, the team, the Estadio 10 de diciembre used for a long time more than training grounds.

As home stadium for league games in professional football, the stadium is used again since 1994/95, as the farm team Cruz Azul Hidalgo newly founded a starting place in the now only third-rate Segunda División received. With this gained at the end of the same season championship, the team rose to the second-class La Liga 'A' on which the farm team since then also continuously listened as the pre-season 2009/10 newly created Liga de Ascenso, which has since the second league in Mexican soccer is. Only in the years between 2003 and 2006, when the farm team had been transferred to Oaxaca and took there under the name of Cruz Azul Oaxaca, found no place in the second division games Estadio 10 de Diciembre.

In addition, the stadium also serves as the home ground for gambling in deeper leagues farm teams, such as Cruz Azul Jasso, the master of the Segunda División Clausura 2007.