Estadio La Peineta

The Estadio Olímpico de Madrid, commonly due to the similarity of the grandstand at a hair comb (Spanish: peineta ) often referred to as Estadio de La peineta, is an athletics stadium in the Spanish city of Madrid. It was built in 1994 by architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz and offers 20,500 spectators.


The stadium was opened as Estadio de la Comunidad de Madrid with an edition of the annual IAAF meetings Madrid on 6 September 1994. In 1995, the sports venue hosted the Spanish Athletics Championships. From 21 of the Athletics World Cup took place at the Estadio de la peineta to 22 September 2002. Until then in the stadium annual IAAF Meeting Madrid was held on 17 July 2004 for the last time. As a result, the plant was shut down, with the aim to serve as an Olympic stadium at the promotion of the city for the 2012 Summer Games. For this, the sports facility should be fully renovated and expanded.

Olympic candidacy and expansion

When the failed applications of Madrid for the Olympic Games 2012 and 2016, the Estadio de Madrid was provided as well as the Olympic Stadium for the ongoing candidacy to the Games 2020. Regardless of the outcome of applications is an expansion to a capacity of around 73,000 spectators, as well as a roofing of the ranks, are provided.

Atlético Madrid

To use the stadium after a possible orientation of the Olympic Games regularly, the city of Madrid signed on 30 July 2007 an agreement with the football club Atlético Madrid, the renovated demolishing its current venue, the Estadio Vicente Calderón, and the relocation to the Estadio Olímpico de Madrid and developed provides. The plan of the stadium change was first in 2012, and the city of Madrid should win the bid for the games, the new venue would be for a sum of € 160 million pass into the possession of Atlético Madrid in 2016. The reconstruction works started in November 2011 and should be completed after three years .. Atlético Madrid was announced in September after the failed Olympic bid of Madrid that is held in the plan to move the Estadio Olímpico de 2015 in Madrid.

ETA attack

On June 25, 2005, there was a bombing of the Basque terrorist group ETA in the parking lot of the stadium. Was caused only minor property damage.

Location and Public Transportation

The stadium is located in the east of Madrid, in the district of San Blas, and can be reached via the line 7 of the Metro Madrid ( Estadio Olímpico station ) and the bus lines 28, 48, 109, 286 and 288.