Esther Brand

Esther Cornelia Brand, born van Heerden ( born September 29, 1922 in Springbok ) is a former South African track and field athlete.

As Esther van Heerden she jumped on 29 March 1941 in Stellenbosch 1.66 meters high. This performance was, however, until 1976 officially recognized as a world record in the high jump. Because Dora Ratjen had jumped 1.70 meters in 1938 higher. The world record of Ratjen but had to be removed later because Ratjen was a man.

At the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, it occurred to Esther in the discus throw, retired from there but in qualifying. In the high jump, she won with 1.67 meters Olympic gold before the Briton Sheila Lerwill, which had previously increased in 1.72 -meter to existing since 1943 world record of Fanny blanker - Koen by one centimeter.


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