Esther Freud

Esther Freud ( born 2 May 1963 in London) is a British writer.

Esther Freud is the daughter of painter Lucian Freud and great-granddaughter of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. It applies in the UK as one of the best British writers of her generation ( Granta list of 1993). Her novels are translated into 15 languages. In her partially autobiographical novels of the loss of home and homelessness is often discussed. Thus Freud repeatedly concerned with father loss and the attempt of the protagonists, who are usually in childhood to cope with this difficult situation, and again to find support and security. With the forced emigration, as a piece of your own family history, she deals especially in her third novel in the summer Gaglow.

Your strong autobiographical colored debut Marrakech is about a hippie mother who moves with her ​​two daughters from the gray London into promising Marrakech in the late 1960's. The five -year-old narrator gives the reader an interesting insight into the wild, free life in North Africa, in the anti-authoritarian education, which propagates the mother and with it have the little girl and his sister is not always easy, and in the constant longing for the father or. of a father figure. The novel was made ​​into successful films Marrakech.

Freud's second book, Blue Wonder is about a adolescent drama student who is torn between the desire for recognition on the part of their friends and on the other hand feels that in its strongly pronounced individuality nowhere really seems to belong. Blue Wonder is a thought-provoking book that is received well on the problems of young people.

Esther Freud is married to British actor David Morrissey, with whom she has three children. She divides her time between London and Southwold, Suffolk.


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