Etang Discher

Etang Discher (* 1908, † 20th or 21st century), also known as Nena Discher was the daughter of a German and a Filipina of Spanish descent, was a Filipino actress.

She began her career in the chorus of Bodabil stage shows the philippoinischen singer Katy de la Cruz. She was often cast in evil roles. Your strict, dark Castilian face appeared in many Filipino pre-war films, most of which were presented in the form of soap operas. She was the woman in the Philippine cinema audience 's feelings of hatred like to let run free in the movies, they often played a wicked aunt or mother or even a witch. Although their roles were not a good basis to be the star of the audience, it nevertheless became a famous ( or infamous ) Star of Philippine film. Many of her films were produced by Sampaguita Pictures, the film studio, which she had for a significant period of their careers under contract.

Dischers son, Panchito Alba (actually Alfonso D. Tagle ) ( 1925-1995 ), became a famous movie comedian. Normally, he was cast as a counterpart to the comedian Dolphy.