EtherNet / IP ( EtherNet Industrial Protocol, often just called EIP ) is a real-time Ethernet, which is mainly used in automation technology. EtherNet / IP was developed by Allen- Bradley ( Rockwell Automation is one ) develops and later passed as an open standard of the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association ( ODVA). 1998, a procedure was designed to put the already published application protocol Common Industrial Protocol on Ethernet from a working group of ControlNet International. Based on this method 2000 EtherNet / IP has been released as an open industry standard in March. It involved the ControlNet International ( CI), the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association ( ODVA ) and the Industrial Ethernet Association ( IEA).

In addition to Profinet and Modbus / TCP Ethernet / IP is a popular Ethernet -based fieldbus currently. Since 2002 to 2006, over one million field devices have been sold. Currently support around 150 producers within of ODVA the bus protocol.

Based on standard TCP and UDP support EtherNet / IP continuity between Office network and the system to be controlled. EtherNet / IP devices support DHCP and BootP when assigning the IP address. For commissioning support ( diagnosis) of EtherNet / IP networks integrated in the interface module of the Logix controller web server can be used, or the web server included in other EtherNet / IP devices.

As with any standards-compliant Ethernet EtherNet / IP is not suitable for "hard" real-time applications (<1 ms) as the control of servo motors. The typical cycle time of an EtherNet / IP network is 10 ms, thus satisfying Software Real Time Requirements for Industrial I / Os. For hard real-time requirements Allen Bradley, however, has presented CIPsync or MotionSync, a protocol extension for EtherNet / IP, the gem using precise Zeitsynchronisaton. IEEE1588 reduces the jitter for the control of servo motors to values ​​in the sub- microsecond range.

Based on Allen-Bradley DeviceNet has developed here with EtherNet / IP a modern fieldbus which integrates the EtherNet / IP networked devices seamlessly - automatically by mapping the I / O tree of RSLogix programming tools, with minimal configuration. Optionally, the configuration of DeviceNet from known software tool ( RSNetworx ) can be used to integrate other field devices in the network.