Eton (Berkshire)

Eton [i ː tn ] is a village in the English county of Berkshire, about 25 km west of London. It lies on the River Thames, opposite the city of Windsor. Both cities are connected by a bridge. Until 1974 Eton belonged to the county of Buckinghamshire. Eton has 4980 inhabitants ( 2001). In the village there is the famous Eton College, an exclusive boarding school. For Eton College also includes the Dorney Lake, on inter alia the rowing and canoeing competitions of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games were held.

Eton goes back to an Saxon settlement called Eyton or Eytun ( settlement on an island ) and was probably founded between the 7th and 10th centuries. Eton is documented for the first time in 1086 in connection with Queen Edith, wife of Edward the Confessor, mentioned that there was a country house. Eton is listed as Etonne in the Domesday Book.

1198 Eton was first mentioned city and has approximately the same size as the opposite Windsor. 1440 was King Henry VI. the papal permission, a college called the College of the Blessed Virgin Mary to build at Eton. 1801 Eton had no pupils of Eton College 2036 inhabitants.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Donald Francis Tovey (1875-1940), composer, pianist and musicologist
  • John Evelyn Shuckburgh (1877-1953), Governor of Nigeria
  • Humphrey Lyttelton (1921-2008), jazz musician and author