Etree (of English. electronic tree ) is a company incorporated in the summer of 1998 online community of music lovers, archivists and historians, which deals with the exchange of live recordings of concerts ( bootlegs ). etree pioneered the distribution of lossless compressed audio material via the Internet.


In line with customary before the Internet age tree-like organization of bootleggers, the recordings along a tree - engl. tree - distributed, etree is now the organizational form in the electronic age, an electronic tree - engl. electronic tree.

History and Technology

Etree was founded in summer 1998 by ten members of two other respected online communities ( Sugarmegs audio and PCP [ People for a Clearer Phish ] ) and grew with breathtaking speed. In February 2001 there were over 12,000 users who exchanged recordings nearly 300 FTP server.

After the exchange of recordings was initially settled primarily through FTP server, 2001, the peer-to -peer file sharing protocol BitTorrent was designed for etree. ( etree has long been the only torrent directory that was referenced in the official FAQ. ) as BitTorrent gained popularity and availability of freely usable FTP servers with good access from universities and companies has been increasingly restricted, went in the etree Terms of FTP servers steadily - with simultaneous exponential growth of the project. In 2004, only a few FTP server in use.

In order to make the transmission more efficient data compression techniques are used. At first the older format Shorten has been used in the meantime the more modern, free, still actively developed FLAC is the preferred format.