Etzbach is a municipality in the district of Old Churches ( Westerwald) in Rhineland- Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality Hamm (Sieg).


Etzbach is on a victory loop from the divided city Oppertsau ( local church Fürthen ) or Opperzau (municipality Windeck, Rhein-Sieg -Kreis). The victory represents Fürthen the border with North Rhine -Westphalia. On the municipal boundary of the city of knowledge, district Nisterbrück, the Nister flows in the victory.

To Etzbach still includes in addition to the eponymous town of the district of Hedgerow Court and the estate Herrgottsau.


Etzbach was first mentioned in a document from the year 1290 together with the same family of Etzbach.

By the year 1806 Etzbach belonged to the county of Sayn- ​​Hachenburg. Etzbach formed within the parish Hamm a "Send " above its own administrative district, which included the towns of Hedgerow Court, Herrgottsau and carbon rich. The county of Sayn- ​​Hachenburg 1799 was fallen on the Erbweg to the princes of Nassau- Weilburg. 1806 came the two princes of Nassau in the Napoleonic Confederation of the Rhine, so that the region of 1806 belonged to the Duchy of Nassau. Because of the Congress of Vienna (1815 ) agreements, the region was ceded to the Kingdom of Prussia.

Under the Prussian administration Etzbach the mayor Hamm was assigned to the newly built district of Old churches that belonged from 1822 to the Rhine province.

The development of the population of Etzbach, the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 based on population censuses:


Parish council

The local council in Etzbach consists of 16 council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 by majority vote, and the honorary mayor as chairman.

Coat of arms

The local church Etzbach has been authorized to run their own coat of arms. The approval was awarded on August 15, 2010 by the District Administrator Michael Dear Old city based on local mayor Wolf -Dieter chair man. The two from the left and right lower edge to the center through shaft ribbons symbolize Etzbach and Nister. They lead to a further upward pointing shaft ribbon symbolizing the female victory. The resulting tripartite division of the coat of arms refers to the three districts Etzbach, Hedgerow and Hergottsau. The community Etzbach belonged to the former County of Sayn- ​​Hachenburg, reminded the leopardierte golden lion on a red background. In the green box, an owl is seen. This stylized the centuries-old attribute of " Etzbacher owls", at the same time it expresses the high volume of this type and a high volume of other rare species of birds in the municipal area of. The green background also symbolizes forests and agriculture. The stylized fish on a blue background in the lower field symbolizes the abundance of fish of victory and the local fishing cooperative. At the same time the crest so that takes a reference to the co- founder Raiffeisen from the neighboring Hamm.


  • FK Etzbach eV: since 30 April, 2012 There are Etzbach in the football club Etzbach eV, which has been reported in the schedule of the football Association of the Rhineland, the first men's team.
  • Since the direct ascent in the establishment season, the FK Etzbach a 2.Herrenmannschaft in the schedule of the football association the Rhineland ( 2013), this has been deregistered due to personal circumstances (injuries, and removals ) to the 17.Match again, so that the FK Etzbach only the first men's team provides.


Etzbach has a stop on the victory track. Etzbach is affected by the B 62.


List of cultural monuments in Etzbach